Important HMV Lumiere Pedestal Find - Not in Proudi

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Important HMV Lumiere Pedestal Find - Not in Proudi

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:49 pm

I had planned yesterday to sort the massive and numerous heaps of 12" records which have accumulated in recent months in the various places at "The Preceptory" and had actually started to do so when "the Squire" Called - he told me he had been to a local town and wandering into a Charity shop which also sells Furniture (And of more interest Lps and occasionally 78s) he had spotted a cabinet - he said :

"It is rectangular with quarter veneered doors, cabriole legs and looks like it might be a Record Cabinet or Pedestal for an HMV 460, it also is the HMV Mahogany colour "

Me : " they didn't make such a thing ! sounds like someone cut down an HMV 510/11 ato use with a 460/461 some people do the oddest things "

i then did some research on Google and couldn't find anything alike so rang a friend with the Proudie HMV Book - he said :

"Proudie doesn't mention such a thing so it 's probably a cut down 510/11, but remember Bauer - as soon as he published the book people started listing records as "N.I.B" or Not in Bauer, so wouldn't it be fun if something turned up "N.I.P" or not in Proudie !!!!! "

I had doubts but i had some nagging thoughts the last of which, oddly had never occurred to me before :

"Why don't HMV 460/461 machines HAVE Pedestal record cabinets ? they are such an awkward shape where and on what did people put them ?"

they turn up on eastlight cabinets which seem the right shape but not quite the right size and usually turn up in dark oak but can't recall a mahogany one ! luckily ignoring my Doubts "the Squire" bought the cabinet and so later rang me - i decided to take my Camera and went up to "the Lay rectory" joining the friday afternoon Rush to get out of Oxford and got to "the Squire's" where i saw the cabinet and , Yes he was right ! it's


here are a few photos taken later last night in odd light in "the Squire's "Garden - amazing

Here's "The Squire's" 460 on the cabinet - note the identical veneer to the doors


Here's a photo of the side (with scratch on the machine - oops)


The RH Side - the sides are straight Veneered

Image 3

The door knobs are oddly not turned wood as on the 510/11 but the same brass ones used on the Sheraton Grand


The interior - not fitted as in the 510

Image 5

The Cabriole legs are HMV pattern identical to the 510/11


The Doors have Ball catches but on the top !


The Back isn't a panel and doesn't unscrew so was never an HMV 510/11


and with the machine "in Action"


Measurements - Top 18 1/2" X 24" and it's 32" tall

So what is this ? it must be genuine - it's not a cut down HMV 510/11 as it's not only less tall but smaller all round as well but oddly i had never considered such a thing was it a (dare i say it) "A Prototype" if so why weren't they made ? why aren't there more about or are they like this one undiscovered - but then why hasn't one turned up with an HMV 460/1 on it and thus stayed together ?

Hone final Question - How much did "the Squire" pay ?

well £35 described as a "Filing Cabinet"

Amazing but as usual the rule is :

"Publish a catalogue and someone will find something not in it ! "

Not In Proudie or N.I.P is the new set of initials !

If only there were some sad individual living in the Twilight who is a "pedestal Dealer" whom we could ask about value but sadly no such tragic figure exists ................Do they ?
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