"PAAO" "PAO" or "PBO" Which model is this ? N.I.P ?

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"PAAO" "PAO" or "PBO" Which model is this ? N.I.P ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:28 pm

I recently bought a collection of HMV machines from an elderly CLPGS member - he had intended to sell them to the "leading dealer" but decided not to ! (having read this forum) he had not only a fine collection of some of the rarer types and most of the others but also a large heap of spares and part machines which came with them

I sold a lot of the better machines to overseas buyers to - day, They're off to the NVCF to - morrow but as they said :

"we won't find much there we only go to be seen by the "Society" people otherwise we have to have a good excuse for not attending "

I did ask if they have to wear electronic tags so "the Society" can tell where they are but the only response was that :

"The Society isn't that organised - we just won;t be alowed inot the auction - and we buy for peanuts so it's worthwhile"

Whilst sorting out for the above i found the two machines below one is certainly one of the fist machines which from a photo of the page in Proudie's Book he calls a :

"PAO" or sometimes known as a "PAAO" implying a Minor Variation from C 1920

here they are together - the RH one is one from the spares pile so is at the moment lacking it's tonearm (But i'm assured it's in the parts)
and the Veneer from the top whilst the LH one is very dusty from the former owners house

They look identical (and have the same sized cases) but the PAO has a key lock on the lower half whilst the RH one has a round lock on the upper half of the case and the moulding for a key lock blank on the lower half



The doors are identical as are the louvres but there are no push catches on the RH machine or the fittings or filled in fittings for them on the lower half of the case


the upper halves of the lids - one has the catch for the ;lock whilst the RH one has the lock fitted


Identical interiors & fittings


As can be seen the same fitting and the RH one does not have the dropping motorboard of the later PBO or PBC/105


The LH one has a typical motor but he RH one has the alloy case frame motor


SO is Proudie's book wrong ? is the first machine actually the PAAO the RH machine above actually the PAO (With Minor Variations from the former) was Proudie actually interested ? why didn't he bother to find out ?

Well, at least i've solved that mystery for him ! always happy to help "Academics"
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