Gramophone Co 2 Spring "Pigmy Grand " 1909

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Gramophone Co 2 Spring "Pigmy Grand " 1909

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:26 pm

Many will have seen the rather rare "Pigmy Grand" Gramophones - smallish machines with a single spring motor and a 10" Turntable with a unique backbracket arrangement meaning the tonearm could be removed quickly and the whole thing fitted into a travelling case - it was the first "portable" HMV machine and was introduced in 1908 , i have owned three of them and wasn't overly impressed with the sound quality and thus sold them on, i had heard rumours of a Double spring version MUCH larger and NOT merely adapted from it's smaller brother, some elderly CLPGS Twits had siad to me they such machines didn;t exist and were :

" A Legend "

or even

"Made up from the Small Pigmy Grand Parts"

then in my early days on Ebay one appeared for sale, i think it made over £500 and wasn't in great condition - i said to a friend at the time :

"We won;t see another like that !"

but under the "sod's Law Of Collecting No 5 - "Ebay makes rare things seem common" another appeared a week later and made more ! then a week later another appeared without it's grille and sold to The Germany Reich for only slightly less than the first .............

Then this week "the Squire" Bought one - in what can only be described as "Country Huse Condition" just as you would want to find one - straight out of the House , untouched, un"mucked About with" and completely genuine - without it's leather travelling case but well worth having - we played it and i was MOST Surprised at the quality of sound - a little research in the Roger Thorne Archive revealed an original advert (well a Typical Roger Photocopy of the original) revealing it was announced in 1909 and was a fearsome price

Here's the recording "The Squire " and i Made when he boought it over for me to see

here it is :

From the front - the Turntable cloth is original and matching my grass !

Image 1

The Unique transfer incorporating the Coat of Arms of HM Queen Alexandra


The Unique Grille - MUCH Larger than on the smaller version being 5" square

Image 3

The Top showing the 12" Turntable

Image 4

The LH Side showing how far back the tonarm is fixes - the tonearm is 10" from the pivot point to the spindle

Image 5

The Back showing the unique arrangement for removing the tonearm 6


And from a different angle showing the patent number plate

Image 8

The standard 2 spring Monarch Motor mounted sideways to fit it in

Image 7

No paper label underneath but a stamped number "47" and some writing

Image 9

and finally an original Newspaper advert for this machine from late 1909


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