Centenery Boat Race HMV 101 Portable Gramophone

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Centenery Boat Race HMV 101 Portable Gramophone

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:25 pm

This is one of the most interesting machines i've bought - not for the machine as it's just a Coloured HMV 101 but because it was a presentation Piece to Commemorate the Centenary University Boat Race in 1929

It's a standard Grey HMV 101 made in 1929 and retailed by Miller of Cambridge, which has been embossed wit Gilt lines & titles and two Boxes for the Oxford & Cambridge Crews to sign - and that's what they did ALL the crews have signed this in rowing order and then a piece of Celluloid had been affixed (using the corner protector screws) over the top to protect the details - and luckily so as this machine, when it arrived was BROWN from Nicotine except under the celluloid so i had to clean it up , it does suggest that this machine was in a Rowing Club House or somewhere similar for a LONG time

It appeared in a UK Auction, i took advice as to Value and to my astonishment paid £80 + Comm for it ! that;'s a LOT LESS than a Coloured HMV 101 would make Normally The UK Dealers are USELESS a complete bunch of Cancer Sufferer Killing, Gay Club Visiting, Wig Wearing, CLPGS Hotel Robbing Crapophone Making, Crap Needle Vending Bankrupt Bedford Manure Salesmen , ,Cretins ! and most CLPGS Members are little better

Here's a Video of it


Here it is :

A perfectly Standard Machine of 1929


An Unusual bakelite Plate with the retailer's Name - or as it was essentially an advert did they use the "de Luxe" plate ?


The top of the case showing the Celluloid Cover plate


With the Cover off


the Winning Crew :


Oxford Crew


and a printed list of the Crews

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