"Melba" on "the Saleroom" or will it be a "Penna - Phone" ?

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"Melba" on "the Saleroom" or will it be a "Penna - Phone" ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:24 pm

Well, sometimes strange things do happen - after all my motto always has been

"Anything can turn up anywhere"

so i was, initially rather surprised to see a "melba" G & T Machine on the sale room - alas that surprise didn;t last ! as things didn't quite add up - first of all you look at the photos - all well and good - slightly tatty machine with early type horn and basket , looks just out of an attic ..............but then you see the soundbox and it has new rubber gasketts ! how strange - were they changed for the auction so the machine could sound it's best and yet no - one bothered to dust the machine at the same time ?

at that point i thought :

"The description - it actually say's "Melba" how would an Auctioneer know that ? is is graffito'd on the case ?"

as we all know Auctioneers rarely know anything about Gramophones and usually cannot be bothered to look them up - they could get "Gramophone & Typewriter" from the soundbox but not "Melba" and certainly wouldn't know about a "later Handle" (Not pictured)

then look at where it's being Sold - "The West Country" how very suspicious where a LOT of unusual and desireable machines have appeared in recent times - in fact since "mr Wiggy" moved to be close to "fagin's Antiques Centre" which moved from london - did he want to be close to his investment ?

SO the conclusion Must be that This is one of those machines which had staggered round the Trade for years acquiring horns/soundboxes then losing them then finding others and a horn basket ended up with "a Dealer" who (Tom) Plant's it into a sale with the appearance of being from a "clearance" yet get's it described AND reserved correctly no doubt !

I would BE VERY careful about this one and IF serious then GO IN PERSON to view - what can you lose ? would YOU want to buy another "Penna - phone" As heard in a radio programme soon ?) as happened in Bristol a "trademark" With NEW Horn & after purchase a motor patched up by Mike "Faker" Field So badly the instruction was "Don't use it too often "

as Shaw taylor used to say

"Keep 'Em Peeled"

here it is

http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/aucti ... 53011d11ac
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