Gold Plated HMV Multi - Tin

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Gold Plated HMV Multi - Tin

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:22 pm

This was an odd item which turned up on ebay recently - it was a Buy it now £50 but even at that price i was very sceptical as to it's genuineness ! i tried the "red Book" of HMV Souvenirs and apart from the usual info (pages 258/9 for the pedants) - "introduced 1923" to replace all those long Multi needle tins, "available for a long time" there was nothing about a Gold Plated version

I took a gamble as i couldn't believe it's worth while to fake athing like this and bought it - it arrived to - day so i took some time to compare it with the others of it's type i have the ones with the Engraved Nipper (as this had) and the one with the raised Nipper - so the detective work began to determine if

A) it was a modern copy

b) if it was an Ordinary nickel plated one which had been "improved "

Here they are ready to be compared


and the bases - identical stampings (the one on the Top RH is badly corroded having been found int he horn of a Saxophone Horn HMV )


I examined the type faces and found that even though the Gold Tin had a raised nipper the type face was identical to the face used with the Engraved tin and NOT the type used for the Raised Nipper tin i had - the only difference being the M of Master in the gold/Engraved tin was One letter whilst in the other raised tin a "V" was used with a side bar each side - that was and remains the only difference

The "M" made out of a V with Sidebars on a Raised Nipper Nickel Tin


the M as one letter on the Engraved Nickel Tin



Then i took the Gold Tin & a Nickle tin apart - and found they were identical in quality , construction and feel - they both had wear in exactly the same places and of the same sort - outside where rubbed on tabletops etc produced scratches and inside where needles scratched & rubbed the inside of the compartments

The Gold Plating in two shades - one shiny outer and one dull inner


I then checked with a friend the cost of Gold plating the object - both inside & out and let's just say it would be prohibitive for a faker , i the looked at the construction and it was identical,

So would it e worth having these made as "fake" gold plated one - well where would the faker get the Stampers to make these ? then you'd need the equipment to stamp the parts, and plate them - two different colours something HMV Would do but a faker ? and what about the wear ? woudl they bothe rto fake that ? and all to sell on Ebay for £50 ?

No, this tin is completely genuine made as a commemorative item? a de - luxe option to match your Top End HMV Gramophone ? who knows but this is the first i've seen but maybe there ar others out there but they must be rare for NOT ONE to have been seen on Ebay before, well, not by me

i notice that they made French versions of these tins (Italian ?) in Nickel but i wonder if Victor Made them as well ?

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