1907 Silver G & T Snuff Box/ Vesta Case

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1907 Silver G & T Snuff Box/ Vesta Case

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:21 pm

This was an interesting item i saw in a jewellers recently - i went in to buy a Girlfriend an item of jewelry and was very surprised to see this in a display case it was NOT Cheap but i have't seen one for sale before (And cannot find another one in any of the Catalogues i have)

i looked it up in the "red " book and there's very little information, such as why they were made but we can assume it was as some sort of gift to the Trade perhaps ? successful dealers (they wouldn't need to make many now !) it has been suggested they were given to the TOP artistes such as Melba & Tetrazzini but i would think such things would be personally inscribed but it's a certainly a reasonable theory - the one pictures has had a ring attached so it can be fixed to a watch chain whilst this has never had that but it's use is not easily determined as it has the shape of a Snuff box BUT has the striker for Vesta matches,

It is Hallmarked for Chester 1907 by Sampson - Morden & Co, the leading maker of Silver "toys" the then term for novelty items of silver ,

here's the top - heavily cast with the trademark


the inscription inside


the sides - showing there is and was no ring



finally the striker

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