Wot No Nipper ? HMV "banner" Trademark 101 Portable

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Wot No Nipper ? HMV "banner" Trademark 101 Portable

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:21 pm

This is a machine that during the works at "The Preceptory" was just inside the door of a storeroom with MANY other items - think "Tutenkhamun's Gramophone Tomb" and i've tripped over it SO many times in the last week that i got fed up to - day after nearly dropping a heap of Pathe Discs that it nearly got hurled into the garden through an open window

Luckily i had been looking for a brass backed no 4 Soundbox for another machine and a scruffy 101 would be a good source ! when i opened it i was VERY glad it hadn't been thrown anywhere as it's the only one of it's type i've had or indeed seen.

This machine turned up on Ebay some years ago and i bought it - for a sum that i would NEVER pay for an HMV 101 otherwise - I think £160 ! I thought then i would see others BUT in the approx 5 years since i haven't seen another either in a collection or for sale - it was on the first forum and attracted some speculation about it;'s original and WHY it doesn't have the usual HMV Transfer, NO - one came up with a terribly convincing answer - it was suggested that it might be for those areas of the world where a picture of a Dog might be offensive - but as there are a LOT of "Colonial" machines about and no other has this trademark i am somewhat sceptical about that theory

another theory - somewhat more convincing was that it was for machines sold by the HMV Company in Germnay & other european Countries where DG owned the Nipper Trademark and HMV Couldn't use it - this is slightly more convincing BUT that would be a large market and as far as i know NO other has turned up

Any other theories are welcomed - i should stress this machine is a Perfectly Standard HMV 101 of the type made JUST after the front wind 101 and has the Round Base Motor


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