No 6 Hornless Grand - Ebay Miracle

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No 6 Hornless Grand - Ebay Miracle

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:20 pm

This was a machine that appeared on Ebay - "The Squire" was keen on it as he'd owned one many years ago in MINT Condition but had sold it and had ever after regretted it !

This one appeared on Ebay with very poor photos - not quality but it showed this machine as having many different colours - it made the case appear to have been severely restored and the metalwork recently re - plated in chrome - t looked to me on my computer as being made from very dark oak on one side and very light on the other

"the squire" bought it for , i think £150 and thus he anticipated something not very good - when it arrived it was in PERFECT original photos , the plating was in almost mint original condition, it had been looked after very well indeed and was totally genuine and a great buy

Here it is, a big machine with a 12" Turntable and rocking Turntable :


the side :


The Motor :


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