Chippendale Grand makes a Grand on The Saleroom

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Chippendale Grand makes a Grand on The Saleroom

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:10 pm

Firstly - Thanks to all who E.Mailed me about this, and it seems to have got some people very hot under the Collar , it's very kind of you to take the trouble to let me know but was it of interest even as it made nearly £1,000 ?

In a phrase - No !

Why ?

Well that's rather a more complex answer - if you can be bothered to read on here's why !

I Have owned three of these machines in the last 18 months so they're not quite as "extremely rare" as some might think and i don;t believe quite as desirable either as some may think as most of the customers i have spoken to would prefer a sheraton not only as they are MNUCH better known but generally are loss oppressive than one of these ! I kept one for myself which wasn't perfect - the back door (like the Sheraton the whole upper part of the back is a door to access the horn and the Void behind the record cabinet ) was badly faded but as i tend not to face my machine toward a wall and look at the back i wasn't too worried ! i bought it in an Antiques Shop (note the Capitals) for £750 and although it didn't look cheap i was pleased to buy at the time but the novelty has rather worn off !

The second i found was in a collection and had , like so many other "grand" machines which owners wished to retain for their decorative looks but wanted updated , been "Garrarded" ie: had a Garrard electric deck put in in the 1950's luckily the owners hadn't put a speaker in the record compartment but had removed the motor & Motorboard ( these had been retained) sadly to fit the Garrard motor a chunk had been cut out of the surrounding woodwork along one side of the motorboard . I found the correct Tonearm and then had my restorer restore the deck - this wasn't simple as the upper carved part of the case is dowelled into the deck which is then screwed into the lower part of the case so it all had to be carefully dismantled, a piece fitted then .............. .

The next problem is the colour of these machines - they are not made from "black Walnut" and are not "ebonised" but are covered in a thick very very dark Brown ( But not actually quite black) varnish which is VERY difficult to match - sadly Photographs of these machines are very misleading as the flash from a camera "sees through" the dark varnish to the wood beneath making the machines appear to be mahogany when in fact they are in fact Mahogany with a very dark varnsih indeed - the end result was a genuine cabinet with original finish & authentic fittings with a minor repair inside costing nearly £400 the machine did sell to a customer but only after a LOT of worrying about "i might get a better one soon" and really it wasn't worth it

The last machine was in fairly poor condition - externally re - finished and that went to a "shabby Chic" interior designer who wanted to paint it white/ Gold - it DID look very good when it was done and sold apparently to a "Russian Oligarch" !

SO that's why i didn't want this case - and certainly not at that price - after spending what i estimate would have cost me £500 - £800 to restore i would have had a machine that was restored and thus my customers who have VERY high standards - higher than most i have met in 30 years - wouldn't want it

One final note - it has been stated that :

"these machines use standard Parts"

Well, they don't - yes the motors, tonearms are usually identical the horns are NOT i have had 2 Sheraton grands which were slightly different in case size & decorations BUT one had a Horn with a flare 1" smaller all round than the obviosly slightly later one so finding it's not guaranteed that if , for instance you bought a battered library or Bijou Grand machine and tried to transfer the parts that they would fit !

So that's why i wouldn't want this case for that or any other amount of money - it's so much cheaper, & far less stressful to buy complete in the long run, and whilst others were getting hot under the collar sitting in their hot,stuffy offices i was sitting in a Friends Garden Next to the Thames having tiffin and i know i was doing the right thing !

i wonder who bought this ? "the Kaiser" AKA "The German With The Gay Son" ? the "leading dealer" ? i'm sure he could have bought one from "mr Wiggy" far cheaper as he has done with some of the Huke Machines !

(i am being sent a recording of the Auction in action as some have said that the Auctioneer "slurred" and was sometimes made asides which were incomprehensible ! how strange - i remember Dickins Auctioneers when it was "Dickins & Dougall" a partnership which ended suddenly with the accounts going missing and the computer memories being wiped - Vendors had to tell the Auctioneer how much they were owed ! J Dickens also told me of a "bounced Checque from a Member of Tring Market Auctions I know a few more stores about strange goings on at Tring - and the "parties" at NW's "Club" at Chivery where Councillors & business men attended and alas were secretly filmed by a member of a fraternal organisation - it seems planning permission was NEVER refused afterwards )
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