Objets Trouvees Part 4 - "Grotty But Err...Free"

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Objets Trouvees Part 4 - "Grotty But Err...Free"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:09 pm

This morning i agreed to walk my Neighbours dog again - he & his wife are off to Italy (again) So i took the dog for a walk around Nt Oxford ................i decided to try a different route and on the way spotted the item below ! it was so dirty and dusty i didn't even investigate but as it was still there awaiting the dustmen on my way back so i had a better look, it seems to have been in an Attic for a LONG time as the finish is "crocodiled " and most of the veneers need re - sticking but when opened it's all there with a n HMV Needle set in box, 2 record pads, a needle tin & an HMV Sample packet together with a Brass backed HMV no 4 Soundbox - it's certainly Grotty BUT as it was FREE (and better than some of the junk "leading Dealers" have for sale ) so i picked it up !

I soon regretted trying to carry this monster - perhaps it should be an Olympic Event "walking 1/2 a Mile carrying a large HMV Tabletop"

here it is a model TBCM (seen on the lawn at "The Preceptory" - which needs cutting )


open showing the goodies (which would keep the Craophone Maker in "Rats on Sticks" For months ! )


The lid has come apart but can be fixed


and the label underneath - made in 1921

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