Huke Collection Lumiere on ebay

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Huke Collection Lumiere on ebay

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:07 pm

Isn't it odd how "old friends" turn up on ebay - i see CLPGS Member & "Ring" catalogue author "DeadCollectorsmachines" has just such an Old friend for sale now on ebay

it looks like a cheap Lumiere - but as Carlos V (who is stupid enough to listen to "Suicidal " Steve) found out a Cheap Lumiere is usually cheap for a very good reason especially from Deadcollectorsmachines and in the case of the machine Carlos bought it had no brake and it's a brake unique tot he machine and spares are not easily found so he was stuffed !

In this case the Lumiere was from the Huke collection (Did the Huke family pay Inheritance Tax ?) Dennis was delighted when he bought it for approx £3,500, i can't remember who from but it may have been from "Big Organ " (West Country Leading dealer Mafia Member) in the West Country as Dennis was often ripped off by him ! when i first saw it it looked almost immaculate - when i looked closely the case had been re - finished and the diaphragm looked PERFECT only the shade of Gold was a rather doubtful .............only later did i realise that the diaphragm was probably a "suicidal Steve" TMF Admin FAKE - or should it be called a reproduction ? it should be noted that he hasn't used one in one of his machines ! it didn't appear and probably wasn't BUT at the time looked and was perfect - apart from the sound which was poor compared to an original

THEN Dennis took some machines to give a lecture at a Car Club, i told him NOT to take anything too valuable and most certainly NOT to let anyone else handle any of the machines, alas when his back was turned some "helpful" people helped him load the van at the end of the lecture with machines and when Dennis got home he found that the Helpful people had tried (several times) to push the diaphragm of the lumiere down so they could close the lid gripping the diaphragm rather than the frame and then trapping the frame under the lid - the result was a buckled frame and creases & small tears to the Diaphragm - Dennis wasn't pleased and managed to straighten the frame but the creases, hand holds & damage were not repairable and are still there to be seen in the photos !

One to avoid - How fortunate that Deadcollectorsmachines has bought two large collections recently - I've done the same and from People who won't deal with Him or any other CLPGS member and what decent person would with the 2 directors, the leading dealer and the EMG Guru making Bogus Police Complaints which led directly to My Mother's death, the other Ring member being shown to be a Convicted football Hooligan and of course Keith Harding being exposed as a CLPGS Paedo !


Here's the machine expensive at £500 ! ... 234d9d9152
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