Differences in G & T 1906 Sheraton grand Gramophones

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Differences in G & T 1906 Sheraton grand Gramophones

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:03 pm

In recent times i have been buying, sadly that often means whole collections - in one case i only wanted the records but had to take the lot and that included the Faded "190^" G & T Sheraton Grand Gramophone, the inverted Commas are there as i'm not sure of the date - or indeed where these machines were made "

The Darker Sheraton Grand i have had for some time, i bought it straight from a Country House Auction and it wasn't expensive ! - it needs minor work but did come with a LOT of records

By accident these two machines totally genuine but from different homes came together at the Preceptory when the darker one was recently delivered - it was then that i noticed some differences ! but how could that be ? i assumed that these were all made in Germany in 1906 and then brought over and assembled in the UK but if that was so then why are these two so different ? were they in fact made in batches and the first batch sold well so more were made later ?

Here are the pictures

Here are the two machines - the RH one is missing it's castors so it's slightly lower


One odd thing is the mouldings under the lid section - the RH one is Concave whilst the LH (The earlier ?) is Convex


The legs are odd too - the LH machine has tapering legs whilst the RH machine has blocks at the top then tapers !



The Ivorine plate is usually found in the back of the machine and is there on the RH one , but on the LH machine it's pinned inside the lower door neither of which has a trademark


The cases are different depths as well

The LH (earlier ? ) one 24" deep


The RH one 25" deep

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