Chinoiserie HMV 162

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Chinoiserie HMV 162

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:00 pm

This was an interesting machine which came along some time ago, well, i found it interesting until i bought the "King" of Chinoiserie machines - the Aeolian Vocalion,

Like all HMV Machines this is a standard machine which has had the finish applied, standard images rather in the manner of the "willow Pattern" - the painting is actually transpers, stencilled and airbrushed with some raised figures - not the best but very good and much better than firms such as Fullotone etc

I don;t know if HMV had a department to finish these models or if they were sent out to specialists or if these machine were just created for specific events or displays - most chinoiserie HMV models seem to be of the smaller type, tabletops, HMV 157's and as here an HMV 162, i have seen an HMV 192 and herad of an HMV 202

here are a few pictures

The front


The Top


the LH Side


the RH Side




Inside the lid

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