Unusual G & T/HMV Needle tins No 1 "Melba"

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Unusual G & T/HMV Needle tins No 1 "Melba"

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:59 pm

Here are a couple of"Melba" needle tins from my Collection - as you can see one is a slightly different colour to the other ! When i showed "proudie" this he said

"Oh, it's faded "

I disagree - if you look at page 215 of the "red Book" you will find a description of the very first Melba needle tin from the May 1905 issue of "gramophone News" which states :

"We shall be issuing two new forms of needle this month , The Melba compressed steel Needle, every point examined at the factory, ............"it is sold in a MAUVE box"

The Authors of the "Red Book" Ruth edge & leaonard Petts state that they had only seen dark Blue Melba Tins and that was what was shown in the first Colour catalogue of 1907

BUT here we have a "mauve " one ! it also has a wider border than the later one but definately is Mauve and not dark Blue


The internal printed liners - not the Earlier tin actually was sealed to the outside of the tin before the lid was closed.


The Later Melba Tin has the original seal preserved inside - "Special needles for 12" records"


and finally a terrible image of an actual "Melba" needle - showing that "Melba" was stamped on every one

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