Bolt of Original HMV Red rexine

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Bolt of Original HMV Red rexine

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:57 pm

When it was mentioned that i mad albums i suddenly remembered i had a bolt of original HMV rexine and found it to - day, i may use it for binding the albums as it is so useful

I bought this Bolt of original HMV red rexine some years ago from a chap who had worked at Hayes - he also had a lot of original machine spares and oak & mahogany mouldings which, like this and other Bolts of Rexine had been found at Hayes in the 1960's and thrown out and most burnt

Sadly he had used a LOT of the mouldings in and around his home and the bolts of rexine had been stored in the roof of a shed where the Black & Blue ones had deteriorated so much that when unrolled had crumbled i9 assume due to the use of Bitumen in the manufacturing process - this Red one is OK but would require some sort of softening before use

It is rather bright - thus showing that even the most apparently "mint" HMV machines may actually be rather paler than originally sold or is it that the rexine has lost some of it's colour because of the glue under it ?

i suppose it's 4ft long and approx 12yds wide and very thin - the former owners wife had worked in the covering factory before the War at HMV and said they used a rubber based glue (Gutta Percha ?) to apply the covers to machines and that it was "A devil of a job to learn as the material shrank with the drying glue so one side would be glued then heat dried then the base would be glued then the opposite side then the front & back in that order !"

Here it is : (You can tell it's at the preceptory as i'm wearing very shiny shoes again !)


Slightly unrolled - it is over 80 years Old i assume (No, it's not some sort of magic carpet to transport one back to HMV in 1930 )


and as it had started to rain heavily when taking the other photo's here's the bolt in the hall

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