HMV Style No 3 hornless - Tracking 3/4 " Out !

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HMV Style No 3 hornless - Tracking 3/4 " Out !

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:56 pm

IRecently bought this pretty style no 3 HMV machine as part of a collection of very fine, original and interesting machines from a Country House Collection (they were going to call SAS In but i persuaded them i could offer a better price ! (and i got the records for FREE ! )

I have been gradually going through the machines - all untouched and original and found this one A 1911 Style no 3 - it comes with an original Leather Travelling case and was apparently treated as a "Portable" When i looked more carefully i found that the tracking was way out - 3/4 " in fact - even with a very short needle

Then i noticed that the motor was Off- centre - the whole thing is very very pretty but technically a disaster for records - although curiously the records i have all G & T's, Odeons, Fonotipia's and Berliners are in good condition - the Danceband records are still to be found - i shall be spending a week there looking soon

I shall do a better Profile of the machine soon when the case comes back from the saddlers where it's being repaired but for now Here's the machine


The terrible tracking


The off - centre turntable


the motor - as built


The labels underneath - not been on wet grass very often !


and the inked label faded but legible - "passed by Mr Penfold"

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