"Torturing " an HMV 102

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"Torturing " an HMV 102

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:55 pm

I have been sorting out some of the machines i bought last year - these had come from a very damp cellar where they had been stored MANY years before - a great many of those found were beyond repair and were scrapped but others, i felt , were possibly restorable

I stored them at a friend's Business unit - this may seem puzzling BUT was common sense as these machines had been very damp for such a long time that bringing them into a centrally heated House would have caused more problems so i left them at the Business unit where the heating was left at a minimum over the winter. The machines (and records) were laid out on tables and basically just left - recently i have been looking at them as they are now dried out and capable of being repaired

This Green 102 is in perfect working order BUT the damp, and the fact it had been stacked had led to the Pad in the lid to fall out and the lid to sag - there is only one way to sort that out - i Pour Wood glue into the space the pad was in then spread it evenly , leave it for a while then put the pad in place - that's difficult as the lid is bowed and the Pad can slip - so i put on a little weight then after 10 mins checked to see if the pad had moved - it hadn't so applied further weight - usually i put a 56lb Iron weight on BUT i didn't have that to hand in the Kitchen of the business unit so had to use what i did have to hand next door in the unit - a lot of rare labels !

The Owner of the unit arrived and thought i was "Torturing" this portable with "Socialist" records !

Here it is

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