HMV 102 - Ow Mooch ?

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HMV 102 - Ow Mooch ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:55 pm

I sometimes surprise myself with my Luck ! To - day i went over to visit "the Squire's" new residence "Pondicherry Lodge" after which we went to a picturesque Cotswold Village for lunch on the way back we passed which described itself as an "Antiques & Decorative" shop , the last word send shivers down my spine and is usually an excuse for all sorts of abysmal junk being foisted on the public under cover of "french grey" paint

We went in and on a stand in the middle of the shop was a Red 102 - good condition with a price tag written hastily upon a scrap of brown paper tied on with a pink bow - it said £120 "the Squire" & I had a look but i had decided NOT to spend any money so wandered into the back of the shop to see if i could actually find anything made before 1837 to justify the first part of the shop's description - whilst "the Squire" and i lurked in front of a 1940's wardrobe laughing at the "stencilled decoration" the style of which which i described as "Late Wedding cake" or "Early Water Closet" we heard a couple looking at the 102 .........They went off saying -

"no - one's going to buy it before we get back "

i said to "The Squire"

"I'm having that - it's not bad at that price and it is one of the first ones "

so picked it up and went to the counter and said in the time honoured fashion ;

"can you do a better Price "

to which the snooty "County " lady replied :

"F ....." Err No she actually said " Well, it's not expensive at that and it's just come in and i know a couple showed interest just now .."

"Ok, Ill have it" then realised i hadn't brought much money out (Royals Don't carry Cash, do they - ED ) so asked if she accepted cards

"Well, it is just over our minimum limit so i suppose so ............"

I thought : "Minimum limit - what's she talking about "

and looked again at the price which "the Squire " was staring at closely by this time........

He said "It says £12 "

Yes - the lady replied -

"Ow Mooch " I said in "yorkshire" so i put down the money and dashed for the door !

It's the Cheapest HMV machine i've ever bought and whilst not perfect is in very good condition but how can ANY shop sell for so little ?

I must admit i have NEVER had a "bargain" in a "junkshop" the stuff in such shops is always either rubbish or far too expensive, but in "Posh" Shops you do, sometimes get a chance

Here it is :


The Side


The carrying Handle


Open - a little moth damage to the turntable cloth


The Fully Automatic Brake

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