Trademark in case on the saleroom

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Trademark in case on the saleroom

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:53 pm


(is that the 'phone ? or just an alarm ) ... 1024618423?


I'm sure most serious collectors will have seen the "trademark" in case on ebay - Isn't it strange that such a machine should be on ebay being sold by someone without any previous history of selling Gramophones !

Did it fall out of the sky ?

Was it found in their "attic" ?

Or is there a simpler explanation - The machine is offered by an Unknown vendor, YET at a Retail price £3950 and then is "promoted" on the TMF as being "brilliant" - How suspicious !

I urge all collectors to save the pictures as whatever happens it WILL re - appear again, i know i've seen it before but cannot think where yet - was it at Roger Thorne's ? it wasn't in the Catalogue was it ?

This all adds up to a machine, like the "trademark" at Dreweatts owned by the "ring" and being sold through others - i don;t need to see an ear bitten off at a Football match lying beside it to know who REALLY owns it ! (Perhaps "intimidated Collector " CV should complain to Ebay as he did to Dreweatts - The Auctioneer was given the boot due to that complaint !)

Isn;t it odd that "trademarks" turn up in Somerset near one Ring member and now in Norfolk Near another ! and even odder that I saw on a shelf in Roger Thorne's bathroom at least 10 "Trademarks" a larger number than actually appeared for sale in the Auction - is THAT where they all came from ?

I have said far too often that I wouldn't buy ANYTHING that looked like a trademark without FIRST looking VERY Carefully at it nearly 120 years has passed since they were made, plenty of time for faking or indeed honest replacement parts to have been fitted - remember Trademarks have been collectable for at least 50 years, EVERY High class Gramophone shop had one in the window with a Nipper there must have been a little man at Hayes making them into the 1930's for shop display ? and did they have working motors ?

I would risk £500 on one but not more - barry Williamson told me he wouldn't buy one for any money but could find someone to make any part i wanted for one !

alas it joins therest of the utter, utter junk on ebay now - will someone buy it ? they would 20 years ago but now collectors know about the Ring, the Fakes, The Crapophones the Fake Tango Two's, The Home Cinema kits and all the other modern "Jerry" junk from America

Anecdote : I once went into David Ball Antiques in leighton Buzzard to look at some gramophones & Record Cabinets he had in his shop - he had to consult a list as to prices and lo and behold they were TOP London Prices ! he said "I'm sellin' them on behalf of a "friend From kempton" now who could that be ...................
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