Lost or Stolen ? Two Unique Portables

What really happened to Roger's Collection ? did it end up in SAS Auctions or were CLPGS Members involved in looting it ?
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Lost or Stolen ? Two Unique Portables

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:29 pm

These two portables were owned by Roger Thorne (Who , when i visited him had at least 12 "trademark Type Machines" all of which Vanished after he died !) they are thought to be unique - but were not included in the famous sales at SAS Auctions !

Christopher Proudfoot was executor of Roger's estate and is a notied collector of HMV items so where are they Now ?

Dave cooper wanted to know and contacted Proudie who allegedly said (Dave cooper told "suicidal" Steve, TMF Admin who told me :

"Yes, theyre in the UK - they're not going abroad to some Foreign colleection they're in the UK "

Cooper : "I'd like to buy them "

"No, no they safe where they are ................"

So where is that ? shouldn't the Foal Farm trust be told they have assets not accounted for ?

How many other machines & collections have "vanished" either on their way to Christie's, Dreweatts, SAS etc ?

Here's one - in BROWN leather apparently made for the HMV Shop winow in Oxford street


and another with metal case and rather a Columbia feel to it

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