Wot no Brentford Eventford ever again ?

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Wot no Brentford Eventford ever again ?

Post by Gmemg » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:13 pm

it seems that the "learned Society" won't be holding any more of their "Phonofairs" at the Brentford Musical Museum - what a shame ! apparently it has not :

"been supported by enough members so we're looking for alternative Venues " *

what a strange statement - Few old Bores turned up so ...............they're looking for somewhere else to hold the event so that .............err........few old bores can turn up again ?

They're looking for suggestions for other venues , well why not in the Midlands somewhere .......;...Err............how about Malvern like their other dull events where only the usual old Farts turn up to sniff round the record boxes and complain at any price over 10p per disc and ring Members turn up with their recent Ebay discards for silly prices and "Swissie" bases with radio horns on !

or maybe a "well known" old Farts House in the West Country where Tea & Bikkies can be served and you can get a lecture about making Painted stained Glass and "how i wasn't ripped off for £200 by Dear Old Frank Dear Chap " and "My wife goes on All Wimmin adventure holidays whilst i put on a dress and do Pantomine " (Oh no he doesn't !)

I would say it's sad but actually it isn't - it serves them right

* Perhaps they just didn't want a load of boring old farts from a Paedo Society near their shiny new museum - quite apart form frank Holland's "interests" !
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