Grand Weekend 2017

Keeping an Eye on the Gramophone "Ring" Members, , Perverts (Keith Harding , Len Watts , Chris Hamilton) , Foot fetishists, Bankrupt EMG Graverobbers, Cancer sufferer Killers & Spivs. Suicide risk, Adulterer, Girl Buggering TMF Admins, Gay Club visitors, Crapophone Makers & Vendors, Multi - Name Ebay Vendors, Bogus Legal Complainants, Roger Thorne Estate Looters, Matrix Number Bores, Convicted Drug Dealers & Cannabis Growers & users of the "Learned Society" AKA "Christopher Proudfoot's Magical gramophone Music Tour &
"Those boring Old Men with their Wind Up machines " AKA in the Gay World "The Wrinkle room"
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Grand Weekend 2017

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:01 pm

Yes, it's here again ! the opportunity of the Year (to be bored or abuse Kiddies) it's Malvern 2017 at a second rate Hotel last decorated in 1985 where all the toadies, peados and crooks meet the Cancer Sufferer Killer Directors for a boring series of lectures for which you pay £300 per head and they get for FREE !

Here's the programme

PLEASE BE PROMPT latecomers will be denied "seconds" of tea * bikkies which will be served EVERY 10 mins

Friday - 18.00hrs Welcome from the Cancer Sufferer Killer Keith with some cheap sherry for you (and vintage Port For the Dire - ectors)

18.02 - Traditional Kow - tow & Service of thanks at the statue of Frank Andrews including readings from his Works (With all faults)

19.30 - Tea & Bikkies in the "sunshine Room" and time for discussing how wonderful the dire - ectors are

20.00 Dinner in the "Colostomy Room" with nappies, incontinence pads , bibs & straws for all members

20.30 - 23.59Lecture 1 presented by Eddie Dunmakin - sense " The Gramophone Company Paperclip department 1898 - 1922 an illustrated History Pt 1 "

24.00 LIGHTS OUT & all Under - age Kiddies to be out of the Hotel by then in case of Police Raid


07.30 - RAUS RAUS Luxury breakfast (Toast & weak tea) in the Milk Var (compulsary for ALL)

07.30 "An Inside Job" OOr Ken tells of the Robbery from Member's Rooms by Friends of Wizzbang 2007 whom he met in prison - an

08.00 - Changing of Incontinence pads in the Foyer

08.30 Lecture 2 " Boring , Pretentious, Obscure Opera recordings on Cylinder " presented by Tim - Pretentious - Twit & his Laughing Fat Wife

10.30 Tea & Bikkies for all in the "Dulcetto Room "

11.00 "Fealin' Kiddies" Presented by Will - Dust - Bugger

11.30 "The History of the Crapophone" presented by Mike Beardy - Madman telling of Humble third rate "journalist" "The Sewing Machine LAdy" who sold her collection and with her lover & his dodgy teeth commissioned a Bankrupt Manure Salesman to assemble & fraudulently sell crapophones from his cardington workshop

13.00 - Lunch in the Solarium with anecdotes from his life in Hotels from "the Wind Up Kid"

14.00 " Happy Hour" Yes fun & games in the Padded Cell - Can you make Roger's Miserable wife laugh ? no one has yet !

15.00 "HMV Tea & Bikkies" - a history of the Tea & Bikkies Served at Hayes -1898 - 1975 presented by the Twix Sisters served with Custard Creams

17.00 "Wrecking Colonial HMV Models" A Lecture by Roger Beardy - Bore

18.00 "Woeful amateur Blackmail for Dummies" or" how i insulted a Blind Boy " The Leading Dealer in Costume as" Jerkwin the Chocolate Covered Dommo"

20.00 "Dinner " In the Chris Hamilton Room (Hang on to your Wallet ) entertainment by Christopher & Brian as Pinky & perky

21.00" "Powick 2017" a Slide show of 500 photos of each of the records available for sale at this years event (and photos of baldy paul's Swissie with sellotaped horn) for everyone who didn't attend (Ie all but 3 )

22.00" Thanks for the Memory" a treat for all members where we contact the largest number of Members via an Ouija Board



10.00 Boring but Obligatory Dire - ctors Meeting where we shall have an Open forum as long as you just have Praise for the Crooks , Paedos & Cancer Suffer Killers who fraudulently run this "learned Society /Charity/Business which we have to let everyone in for free due to the LAW which we ignored for years and where we explain why we don't have a Membership Secretary due to the Fictitious & Fraudulent Membership figures & reports presented
By Tim thick & bald

10.02 What you've been waiting for - Yes the Cheapo Auction of items conned from Member's Wives, Dead Gay blokes Estates etc NO internet, NO Competition and the Auctioneer writing down figures significantly less than the Bids received - don't worry as there's no internet the Auctioneer will take the bidding slowly unlike how he sold the Magnophone to the EMG Guru (anecdote Copyright to the EMG Guru)

14.00 entertainment by the Malvern Pretentious Freemason Choir whilst you all rush to get your bargains into the Car

See You all Next Year so we can Patronise, can get a free Room & Board for the Dire - ectors - Triples all Round !
Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

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The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character .Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

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