Cylinders made from Cannabis resin ?

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Cylinders made from Cannabis resin ?

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:00 pm

I'm asked some very odd questions by all sorts of people about Gramophones etc but the oddest are usually Via various internet media but one question to - day was the oddest yet ! and that was from "an official Source" I was asked in a purely theoretical question :

"Would it be possible to mould Cannabis resin into Cylinders and export it "

Well, as someone who knows less about drugs than he does about modern "pop" music i couldn't answer that one ! but what a strange question and why ask me ? i suppose it would be possible to cast any resin for any cylinder and i suppose it would be a novel way to smuggle drugs out of the UK - especially if CLPGS members were involved - the Drugs could be grown , purely in theory in , say a "Converted" barn by a failed Businessman or even in a Garage owned by a taxi firm but again by a failed businessman and then turned into some kind of resin by some "Chemist" old or young , then cast into cylinders by any CLPGS member, or anyone else and then exported as Hand luggage to say, , again in theory the USA ?

it's all most amusing and highly unlikely and really the stuff of really bad fiction but , just suppose such things had happened ....................... or could cannabis be exported in Gramophones & phonographs hidden in obscure parts of the machine strange that there's "official" interest in such matters ................

Just a Pensee readers .................
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