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The Obsessive OCD Journal of a Balding TMF Admin Aged 53 3/4

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:55 pm

Yes, it has been a mega day , i noticed a couple of specs of dust on my Complete , and i do mean Complete set of Beatles CDs all the Outtakes all the alternate takes including the tape found in a garage in York taken at a concert in munich in 1967 where Paul could be heard saying

"i'm off to the loo"

i was astonished so brought out my Prof Plumm Patent mini vacuum Motto "Never Destined to Failure" and removed the specks of dust individually then having carefully replaced the device in it's holder i surveyed my handiwork and stroking my chin and nodding in delight at a job well done i was able to confidently confirm that it was indeed a

"job well done"

and the Beatles Cds carefully preserved in their original shrinkwrap were as pristine as it was possible for them to be and amazingly the whole operation only taking 5 1/2 hours i shook my head in disbelief as i looked at the clock to confirm the time and write it in my :

"collectors book of Beatles CD conservation"

amazing , but then i realised that any future Beatles fan might think my actions were hasty or precipitate and the shock almost made me fall over with horror what would they think ? would this tardiness devalue the set ? it was inconceivable so i had to carefully survey the set careful not to move the set from it's appointed marks on the sideboard precisely aligned so that no shaft of light could in the slightest way fade the pristine cover of the box or wrinkle the shrinkwrap of the covering and headed for the mini vacuum again and repeated the procedure this time taking 10 1/2 hours to complete the task and although no specks of dust were found i was relaxed in my mind so when my Girlfriend came home i was able to tell her of to - day's great task carefully written up ......................

later in Bed it was precisely 3: 12 and 34 seconds AM i awake with a start - i had spent 16 hours carefully dusting the complete Beatles set what would a future collector think ? would they think i had overdone it ? would i causing stress or dare i even think it distress to the shrinkwrap ? i had to call Dave Anal President of the Beatles CD owners Klub AKA "The Quarrymen " to advise me and as it was only 3.30am i was surprised to hear him - i told him of my dilemma and he re - assured me that the Klub had specially produced that set with extra strong shrinkwrap JUST for such an eventuality !" i was mightily relived until he said :

"you must remember to record this call in the book which accompanies the Cds as this is Important "

I asked "Where Par Se "

"in the Important incidents section Section a paragraph 2c"

"will this effect the value of my set ?" i nervously asked

"I don;t think so he said re - assuringly "but who knows what future Beatles Fans might think ............"

"is this the worst case you've heard of Par Se " I asked

"No he said " becoming strangely calm " The worst case was of a collector who went on holiday for a few hours away from his set of the Complete Beatles" and came back to find his wife had decided to divorce him and had opened the box and had actually PLAYED One of the discs "

"What did you do ? " I Gasped - a pounding sensation building in my chest

"We had to take the set into emergency care and replacing the CD - luckily one of the later Beatles efforts with the indian crap no - one wants to listen to on it with a MINT condition supplimentary disc we produced for just such an emergency we carefully teased the shrinkwrap back into place and thus the set was preserved

"How long did that take ? " i asked

"Only 35 day altogether using the press devised in Alton, Hants buy a Mad obsessive Genius to gently stretch the shrinkwrap back into place and micro - weld the seam seamlessly "

I breathed a sigh of relief until he said :

"you don't know about the Crapophone sets on the market ?

"I didn't, Par se - what do you mean " I cried out in pain and astonishment "

"They're being made in a Garage in bedford behind a Taxi firm but they're so mad they've actually missed the 0.00006" gap between teh I and the T on the "white Album"

I laughed at such an elementary mistake - he continued

O and they misspelt "Beatles " as "Beagles" but no - one would notice that ! i replaced the pretentious gilt metal & Onyx receiver (Le Style Rothschild) and tried to get some sleep

Fake Beatles etc indeed what a mistake calling them "Beagles" ....................but then i tossed & turned and not this time about the wrinkled stockings of the Old Ladies in the Kitchens at CLPGS meetings .................No , it occurred to me that these fake sets were NOW actually part of the Beatles "Oevre " so i decided to rush to bedford immediately to obtain a set so i could at last have a COMPLETE collection

In the next OCD instalment - Goint to Work !
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