A Second Reply for "Bystander"

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A Second Reply for "Bystander"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:54 pm

(This is a (rather delayed) second reply to "Bystander" but may be of interest to "Lurker" who will know "baldy" or "ma" and recall him at Malvern with a Swissie Base which had a radio horn on top with sellotape stuffed into the gap !)

It's funny you mention that incident as recently going through Legal Papers in preparation for the "Wars to come "i found a number of E.mail copies and below is a transcript of one of interest i think we'll call it

"Game of Thornes"

I was always suspicious of "Baldy" and "Suicide Risk" and it seems my suspicions were justified - This E.Mail & it's reply were undoubtedly a "misinformation" Ploy and for a while it did fool me but now i know better ! - the facts are more or less true but the actual "Con" wasn't a usual "Ring " Ploy !

I Have been forced to change some names but the weird text breaks in the first are mostly as they appear in the E.Mail

Hi Steve (Suicidal)

Good to have a chat on saturday, especially in the pub Afterwards, After "The Leading Dear" (That should read "dealer" but it's such an amusing Typo i'm going to leave it - ED) let one or two bits of info "out of the Bag" i have been thinking about what
happened at the Petersfield Sale where the job lot of Pre - Tone arm machines appeared , and the penny

has dropped a little further so to speak

now the funny thing is , out of the "Four" present at the auction (The Leading dealer, Oakey, Scotti and Myself) none of th eother three knew i was going to turn up at the sale but i reckon they were all involved in a "Ring"

Do you remember in the Pub how "the Leading dealer" seemed to know an awful lot of details about where the lot of Gramophones had come from ? he was saying about " That's what the House clearance people found in the Garage" and " The money from the sale was split amongst the family Members ........"

Now how would he know all of that ?

Here's the scenario as i see it now, The Leading Dealer & Oakey had most certainly already viewed the lot on the

day before , as i saw neither viewing the said grams , only Scotti whom (sic) had turned up that day and not

previously on the viewing days

After the sale i started there was a reasonable wait until the lot came up , so i walked into petersfield to grab a coffee

and in the distance spotted Oakey in his usual clothing !

Realising he was there and possible competition to myself i found him and Scotti at a Cafe during the conversation oakey said to me "the Leading Dealer's" Coming at 11 which of course was after the Auction had started, so he must have viewed the day before

So anyway, getting back to just after the hammer went down . within a few minutes i went downstairs to the Auction rooms to where the accounts office is and spotted Oakey & The Leading Dealer over by a pillar just hanging about waiting .....

I approached them but they appeared to be embarrassed by my Presence and made no mention of the fact that i had just

been bidding up to £6800 on the grams no comments whatever as one would have expected such as

"Bad luck you didn't get them", or "you're feeling flush today " or whatever

The scotti appears , pays up and all four of us hep him collect the grams and take them to his car

now i reckon he and Oakey and The Leading dealer were all in it together

they just didn't reckon on me turning up at the auction , i probably cost them anextra £5000

After all why would "The Leading Dealer" waste a a day "of his Valuable Time" (He hates Wasting time except at the Gay Club) if there was

nothing in it for him ?? i expect he either go one of the machines or was paid not to be (a common thing according to Ian M)

I know he's well in with the Auctioneers , jacobs & Hunt , so i suspect he was chatting them up the day beforehand getting his into on where the stuff had come from

Likewise Oakey isn't going to waste a day by turning up and not bidding just for the "fun of it"

Obviously the Ring was agreed the day beforehand by all three of them

(S****i is a director of the CLPGS as is Oakey)

that oakey's a Sly F****R if you ask me

All nice as pie to your face , but cloak and dagger behind yer back just so he can get his greedy little mitts

on the machines I ain't forgot the Phono Mike Field had promised me and Oakey got his F****G hands on it by forcing Mike's hand with some info on him

All for now, i'll sned some better pics of the trumbofone soon weather permitting

best Wishes

Baldy "Ma"

and the "Suicide Risks" Response :

Hi baldy or is it "Ma"

Thanks for the message and yes i would agree with most of what you've said . They are ALL in a Ring together, i have seen Oakey at various auctions and he walks around , hands in pockets, smiling and talking to various collectors but has anyone EVER seen him bid on anything ? i haven't . If only you could PROVE that they were part of a deal then you could put a hole through the CLPGS Board of Directors as they would be held accountable for acting illegally whilst being directors of a CHARITY . The whole thing stinks and that's why (Yours truly) provokes them with his comments on the internet forums ! i think it would be a very good idea to let him see your E.Mail Would you consider forwarding it to him ? I won;t as it's none of my Business and it involves you , The Leading dealer is very chummy with a lot of Dodgy Auctioneers , How else could he get so much great stuff for such a long period of time ? anyway it was good to chat and like yourself i found the talk in the pub afterwards more interesting and entertaining than the main event itself !!
all the best
"Suicidal Girl Buggerer TMF Admin"

Now SOME might take the above at face value but i was most suspicious ! it seemed far too organised a tale -

1() The eyewitness Account

2) the "meditation on events"

3) "The Conclusion"

As a very Junior Civil servant we were taught not to believe such well rehearsed stories so what WAS the story ?

Well the facts are that these machine appeared in Auction , the Characters were there, the Price was achieved so what can we deduce ?

Well the first tale was that :

"these machines were found in a garage by House Clearance people"

Not implausible and such things DO happen ! but THEN the story in subsequent E,Mails altered to :

"they were found in the High Rise Portsmouth Flat of Two Antique Dealing Brothers"

Now that was a story in the Daily Mail about Two brothers with a Flat full of Antiques worth "Millions" well as with most Newspaper stories that wasn't the full truth BUT it was a good cover story - i asked some local "Confrere" trade at the time of the E.mail and they told me :

Yes, there were fine things in the flat BUT no gramophones, definitely NOT the collectors sort of thing

THEN we had "Rockin Robin" and others selling on Ebay , spares and other early items in Portsmouth all in dirty condition ...............

Again Baldy or "ma" as he's known came up with a tale ....

"Yeh, they were the Brothers collection of early bits stored in several Garages and i've been advising Rockin robin as to how to sell them"

Presumably be putting them on the back seat of a car so no - one could get any other info !

Another convenient tale - i was most suspicious again and then a few weeks ago i met by accident someone who wishes to remain anonymous but who is VERY bitter about it all he told me :

"it was ALL Roger Thornes"

SO the "Ring" Operating at Jacobs & Hunt was just there to MAKE Scotti PAY rather than to keep the price down ! after all IF there were a "Ring" wouldn't they KNOW Baldy would be at a local Auction ? (he does get about anyway) and include him ? of course they would !

I was always suspicious of Baldy's Info especially as it was always so topical and amusing - TOO topical - i also had others watch him at "events" and they saw how "close" he was to certain people and often overheard conversations about events would appear in His E.Mails !

Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

My U - Tube Channel is : http://www.youtube.com/user/EMGColonel

Corruption in the CLPGS :
The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character .Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

"He has as much comedic talent as the Straight man on a Linguaphone record "
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