ebay : I'm a CLPGS member Pay a Fortune for my 102

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ebay : I'm a CLPGS member Pay a Fortune for my 102

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:51 pm

it's nto a surprise to be told that there are some very odd listings on ebay - every week some sad loser is trying to get a fortune for something which is usually neither interesting nor desirable BUT sometimes a listing appears which is absolutely hilarious !

I'm sure we all know that Most CLPGS members are pompous Bores who are still in the closet - some like Gripping their lapels and measuring soundboxes slightly inaccurately - even the Yanks find those people beyond a joke ! but when this listing was drawn to my attention by an American i was rather taken aback - in fact i initially thought it was some kind of leg - pull , but it's TOO pompous and TOO silly - don;t they know the meaning of the word :


It seems not and the description is also mad - the machine itse;f is a LATE model and in , at best Average condition and the soundbox looks rather ropey and a better example of the same machine which could be bought at any time on ebay for far less money !

Do Marks & Spencers sell gramophones ? they're not doing that well these days so the comparison isn't a good one ?

and quotes such as :

"I'm not a salesperson"

are rather obvious But :

"Reason for sale: I have bought a large cabinet gramophone and so my wife is forcing the issue of the sale of this one!

Is just odd, why sell a small machine so you fit a large one in ?

This listing is a monument to all that's wrong with the CLPGS - Pompous, Pretentious, Ludicrous and frankly, Mad and ready for the Knackers yard - with members like this it's almost beyond parody !

here's the exact listing :L

This isn't just any HMV 102....
.....in fact if Marks and Spencer did 102's, it would be even better than theirs !!

Why do I make this boast ? This is an ALL original, absolutely excellent condition HMV 102 bought from a senior member of the prestigious CLPGS - the oldest gramophone society in the world. It has been kept in perfect condition (both cosmetically and with respect to function).

Made in the 1930's, this has ALL original parts - including the fantastic sound box. That's pretty unusual. Usually with these portables, there is some damage to the handle. Not on this machine. Often, 102's have obvious rips to the exterior fabric. But not this machine. Bar some minor wear and tear marks to the exterior, this 76 year old machine is looking better than most humans of the same age ! This is one of the models with the angled turning crank, so you don't scrape your knuckles when you are winding the spring. It also has the neat needle packet carrier and a built in used needle tray.

The HMV 102 is described as the best portable ever produced by any gramophone company in the world. This particular machine, has brilliant acoustic quality - phone me on 0797 362 4734 and I will happily spin a 78, and play some tunes to you.

Don't just buy a 102 because you like the colour and it's been buffed and re-furbed ! You're probably only going to buy one. Ever.
Buy quality. Buy provenance. Buy the sound.
Buy this for Christmas for yourself .......or if it's for someone else, it better be someone you love lots !

By the way, perhaps surprisingly, I am not a gramophone sales person :) But like the previous owner of this machine, I am a member of the City of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society. I'm keen that this is bought by someone who will look after it and enjoy using it. Ideally, you'll come and collect it from me - have a coffee and test it out against my other gramophones. But otherwise it will be very carefully wrapped and packed for courier delivery. It can be collected from either near Maidstone in Kent (ME20), or Pinner in London (HA5).

Reason for sale: I have bought a large cabinet gramophone and so my wife is forcing the issue of the sale of this one!! This is a fully working, serviced machine.

I will pack to send internationally (tracked) .....but please be aware that the postal cost may go up or down depending upon your location abroad - so please contact me afterwards for costs.

Best regards and good luck is yours if you win !

and the listing

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HMV-102-Best- ... Sw4GVYO2bH
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