"A Picturesque Scene from the NVCF 2016"

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"A Picturesque Scene from the NVCF 2016"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:50 pm

An amusing anecdote reaches me from the NVCF 2016 (and yes, it was carried by a Snail) My informant went to the fair and after deploring the usual junk on offer "worse than ever before " was his comment he then bumped into "the Leading dealer" who gave him an ear bashing - telling him :

"yis, Yis Yis, it's all go " i'm selling so fast i can't buy as fast as i sell, yis yis yis"

he went ofr a last look round and was walking past the stall of a certain white Haired old "Colonel"of the "Queen's Own Blarney rangers" who was rather more animated than normal and had something of a Purple face whilst conversing with a potential customer my informant missed the beginning of the conversation or rant as it perhaps was but it's not difficult to work out what was said from the ending ! here's what followed :

"To be sure the fellow what runs that forum does it from a Loonie Bin so he does , ask anybody here (Waves arm energetically nearly dislodging his wife's beehive)
a loonie so he is, they only let him run that forum when his attendants are out of the room so they do , why would anyone believe such rubbish i say ? , who would credit it ?
(He glared in a manic way toward the leading dealer also waving his arms in a sort of sephaphore or windmill !) *
why i've NEVER said it, no i haven't so , NEVER would i be after saying such a silly thing at all , at all, it's a LIE,a barefaced Lie so t'is ! why would i be after saying such a thing when there's a Christie's label on the machine ? why would I be after doin' such a thing ? the bloke's a Mad Eejit so t'is

Never in me Life, on me Mother's sainted Life would i be after sayin' such a thing and what's all this about leading the "Army of the Dead" what sort o' Sicko is this fella i asks yer ?

(he then spotted a customer hovering near an oddly Vibrantly coloured HMV 101 with reflectively shiny case corners & fittings and said :

"Ah, hello there, t'is a fine machine yer lookin at there, for i wou;n't normally be a sellin' of it " For Ti's one from me Own collection so t'is "

My informant had to leave rapidly as he was laughing so much !

No wonder my ears were Burning whilst away in France on "international Business" soon to be seen on Ebay ...........................

* Could it have been some sort of Signal to his close friend "Big Organ" who has some very odd looking visitors to his home at all times of the day & Night - some leaving looking very dishevelled indeed according to "informants" and all MEN - fancy that ! it's been well worth having all senior CLPGS people investigated you find out all sorts of things so you do !
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