CLPGS Pervert /Cancer Sufferer Killer Fest 2016 !

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CLPGS Pervert /Cancer Sufferer Killer Fest 2016 !

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:49 pm

Yes, it's here the event all CLPGS Peados look forward to ! (Lots of Peas dear) it's the CLPGS malvern Peado/Cancer Sufferer Killer Fest 2016

All the fun of the CLPGS = 3 stalls with tired rubbish and stuff stolen from the estates of CLPGS members and Non members (Such as Roger Thorne) alike !

See Baldy Paul" with a Swissie horn Gramophone base with a Radio horn attached with sellotape it's "all original " According to paul as is his Cabinet Duophonosona for £800 (Failed on ebay 8 times)

The Leading dealer will be there with some choice items be confirmed ! probably His Gay Lover Dommoand the Mysterious Face Of The East - High Lashy

Wiggy will be there with an "oriental" Slave (Isn't she from Peru ?)

"Big Organ" with some frighteningly overpriced records will be there - is he Gay ? ASK Him - he's very friendly with the Leading dealer & Gorgeous George the trannie !

The Late Peter Dempsey will be there with his usual Selection of records - being DEAD hasn't made him any Happier !

Cancer Sufferer Killers (and fascist) Keith (Reference Seq) and Tim (wallyarian) and their heavily made up wives (Polyfiller anyone ?)

Come and see Superhero "The Sniffing Scotchman" with his sidekick "Lapel griipper" as they try in vain to find a record worth having ! like the other 2 visitors last year ............for under 2p

Will Suicidal Steve (TMF Admin) and his mistress or is that "scotch Mist" (Christian trans: Painted Whore) Carol be there ? not how she walks folks ! are those F"ck me up the A*se Shoes ?

it's a GREAT event - with One Stall per Visitor theres plenty of room

Come and see the Other Hall, this year equipped with an Ouija Board So you can contact the majority of CLPGS Member s on the OTHER side such as KEITH HARDING, JIMMIE SAVILLE< CLEMENT FREUD etc

the Late FRANK ANDREWS Will be lecturing on matrix Numbers from 2pm - next January

And don't forget the catering and the pub afterwards - is Great in the CLPGS is your a Paedo or over 80 !!!!!

do they have Public Liability insurance ? trip over and find out !

(Anti - Paedo Activists will be taking photos of ALL those attending )
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Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

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