Proudie on TV - "Didn't he do well"

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Proudie on TV - "Didn't he do well"

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:41 pm

I was told about this programme last week but as i don't have a Television at "The Preceptory " (as i didn't for a long time have a roof to put an Aerial upon ) i couldn't watch it "live" but thanks to the Fibre Optic Broadband we have here i was able to watch it over the I - Player

After the last utterly rubbish programme featuring CLPGS twits I was looking forward to some serious "Proudie - Bashing" after all the BBC (and others) have a history of making any Collector - however serious and however much they've spent Look complete Wallies and so i "tuned in " or whatever the I - Player equivalent is ................

I was rather surprised to see the programme start with some of the usual Loonie Leftie Wingers and thought i'd found the wrong thing then mysteriously Dan Cruickshank about the "temple of Mithras" appeared - Obscure Rites, Rubble, Dust, City of London - was THAT the article about the CLPGS ? apparently not as THEN came Proudie !

As one of "The Few" (No, not them) Who have actually visited "The Old Rectory" (Few CLPGS members & Directors, "Suicidal " Steve and certainly "the Leading Dealer" haven't) i must admit i didn't recognize the Hallway (and Proudie, The Bell wires should NOT be seen nor the Bell heard - here i have spent a GREAT Deal having the bell pulls restored with all the wonderful wiring & Tiny wheels which run under floors and Up walls so it CAN be done ) but perhaps i went in through the "Tradesman's Entrance" ? Neither did i recognize the stairs which when i was there were located in a shabby cupboard but then, they may have been the back stairs (The "leading dealer" always prefers going up "the Back stairs" ) so did wonder IF it was filmed at "the Old Rectum" at all , the shabbiness, outdated light fittings etc eventually convinced me - most rooms in "The Preceptory" looked like that but alas that is a look difficult to preserve and has now gone here, much to my regret, i sometimes think i live in some sort of over tarted up Grand Hotel (Sans Staff) as so often happens "restoration" often destroys what it sets out to preserve

I expected Proudie to be wearing his knitted Red tie, but no, and i expected Proudie to be Pedantic, and initially he was - when asked by the Lined - faced lady (of the sort seen in adverts for "mature dating"(which pop up unwanted ) presenter :

"How many gramophone Players do you have ?"

Proudie : "I haven't got one - the only Gramophone player is ME"

was that true ? well, to "out Pedant" Proudie, NO - ONE is a "Gramophone Player" we are all Gramophone "Operators" as all we do is operate the machinery and IT does the playing !

However apart from that Proudie was actually slightly informative and DIDN'T behave like a 1950's Minor Public School master talking down to the Obviously strange woman in his house and tried to explain in relatively simple terms what he had, i thought the selection of machines a bit odd - nothing particularly good but maybe (Sensibly) all the "good" ones had been hidden ! (Or just those on Barry Williamson's "Missing" List perhaps .........) he had a Lumiere with Mint Diaphragm which once would have impressed me but now i have 4 Lumiere's 2 with good diaphragms and one , as is Proudie's absolutely MINT (not a "suicidal " Steve Fakey either ) but then since buying my first EMG i'm not that impressed by machines and am only interested in sound but i'm sure others were impressed !

He went into other rooms and saw other machines and gradually i got the impression of someone stuck in a 1950's childhood as the whole place had the feeling of a small boy's bedroom C 1955 but now as a home, i actually thought of Roger Thorne's house - not the disgusting clutter - but the feeling we have here boys who never quite left their childhood's behind most CLPGS member's cases also having very boring 1950's "vintage" cars in the garage (Humber, Wolseley,Austin 7, Morris 10) cars which boring men in Homberg Hats & Mackintoshes, Doctors, Solicitors, Junior Rank Freemasons used to drive in the 1940's/50's and whom the "Boys" once, a long time ago , looked up to !

Those (bores) elsewhere who say that "the prophets of doom claim only Old men in sheds are interested " are partly wrong, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin." is the phrase (Nothing to do with "the Leading Dealer's Interests) Proudie is the KING of men in sheds, he has a GIANT shed next to the house with his father's Rover in it seem to recall, and for all sorts of reasons those now newly interested in gramophones or mechanical music can only have one or two machines and a few dozen records, there are VERY few CLPGS Members now under aged 70 (with GOLDEN Pensions) BUT i have to say, much to my surprise HERE on this very forum , we have 3 Members UNDER 25 and WE are the future NOT the CLPGS with it's boring lectures (Often erroneous) and boring "derby & Joan" meetings (Known to "Suicidal " Steve & Dickie Hawkey)as "Grab A Grannie opportunities "

I have to say for ONCE proudie came across unusually well (was that editing or the lack of it ?) and no collector need be embarrassed by this programme, or rather THAT part , the next bit with more women from a "Mature Dating" advert wearing unflattering dresses and gyrating in a most Un - terpsichorean manner who played records using a gramophone but relayed through speakers and were just ODD (Well, Plain and odd ) the next item i switched off as i don't understand "elektrickery" and wasn't interesed in what the bloke with recording equipment in his bedroom had to say

One question remains -

"WHY was Proudie playing a chipped record ?"

I noticed it was daylight when the woman arrived but night by the time they were playing machines so had Proudie spent HOURS with TV people mucking about and got so cross he threw the record at them ? and being a machine collector he only had ONE record ?

did the TV Vandals ask Proudie to demonstrate how fragile 78s are only for him to realise after chipping one that as a machine collector he had only the one record ?

I do wish they'd filmed Proudie's Kitchen with the Belfast sink, wooden drainer and kitchen cupboards fitted C 1840, it and the whole place should be preserved as it is in it's entirety with proudie's longjohns in the Bedroom Drawers as places like this, once so common, now are VERY rare indeed and the machines looked perfectly at home where they are

here's the link to the programme - let's hope they make MORE like this (Preferably a LOT Better) and NONE Like the other CLPGS Adventure as it's just possible someone MIGHT have been interested enough in this to begin collecting and that HAS to be a good thing , what next ? Filming at "suicidal" Steve's showing the 1980's "red Room" where he sits opposite the 202 in a French Chair glowering ? would anyone learn from the Trombophone ? (Apart from "Mr Pastry's Ripped steve off !) ... n-23022015
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