BBC 4 "Sound of Song" - Typical CLPGS disaster "

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BBC 4 "Sound of Song" - Typical CLPGS disaster "

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:40 pm

I noticed that this programme was to be broadcast some weeks ago - unlike some CLPGS Bores i don't take the Radio Times (or whatever it's called now) but heard an advert for the programme on The Home Service (It's Radio 4 now Colonel - are you turning into an "Erzatz" Proudie ? - ED) it sounded interesting but during the advert they played an excerpt from a cylinder recording and, to me, it just didn't sound "Right" there was something odd about it ................i thought no more about the advert until it was repeated later in the day and again and again (as is BBC Practice nowadays) , i soon became "ad nauseum " and decided NOT to watch the programme

Eventually i switched on the I player and reluctantly watched it as some of the CLPGS members responsible for harassing me & directly and deliberately contributing to the Death of my Mother had been involved i wasn't expecting much was far worse than i could ever have imagined it to be - in fact from what i can gather from most collectors who watched it this programme has left them in shock !

The programme started off badly, the presenter, NOT Bob Symes, or Professor Magnus Pyke or Herr Doktor Professor Heinz Wolff but some Blokey Bloke probably associated with some "popular Beat Combo" from the 1960's, his jokey style was not appropriate but that wasn't the worst bit - that comes later ! he was initially seen sitting in chairs nodding his head to music of some sort then lots of grainy film of ..........immigrants going to america to illustrate the journey of Irving Berlin who's musical influences were apparently ........Ragtime and "black keys on the Piano" ...........and then was seen playing "Alexander's ragtime Band" (1911) on the Piano for no apparent reason.............

We eventually got back to Edison inventing the Cylinder .............whilst a Columbia "Q" phonograph is shown on screen ................then a lecture from an American Rat - like bloke about Tinfoil phonographs and Edison deciding that :

"the future Lies in Music"

did he realise that ? or was it the idea of others that he used ? they then began recording a cylinder with some "artiste" with a stoh violin and some woman who probably could sing (in an American Accent) singing a song from ...............1906 ! the recordist was some assertive character with a funny voice (Who he ? - Ed) and i suppose that was instructive in an odd way but which way that might be i cannot tell - she should have worn a Victorian Stage outfit of Fishnets & Corset (The leading Dealer's Gay Lover could have lent them some allegedly !) - not THAT would have been interesting but alas only her hair was Victorian. They told us that :

"'Cello's & Drums didn't record well"

but what about all those Band records ?

the Bloke was than allowed into the British Library - they're not stupid and they only allowed him to handle a blue Amberol - he then talked about records and pulled out a 12" record from, i assume the 1930's to illustrate the first records - he called it :

"the Gramophone Disc, made from a natural resin called shellac and span (sic) at 78rpm that's 78 revolutions per minute so the early 78s were often known as shellacs, much cheaper & easier to produce than the cylinder was and much more durable "

is that right ? how many of us would agree with the above statement ? THEN it got worse !

"The disc was pioneered by a German Emigre, to the US Emile Berliner, who, in partnership with Businessman Eldridge Johnson, founded the Victor Talking Machine Co in 1901 ,in their factory in Camden, New Jersey they mass Produced discs and the record Players they played on which they called Gramophones, the company bought up the best singers of the day an brilliantly used the image of Nipper the Dog and the slogan "His Master's Voice" or HMV " (Berliner record is shown on screen)

NOW, is ANY part of the above statement true - apart from the Names ? Berliner had a Factory with Johnson called HMV did he ? and they made Berliners ? and "record Players" which THEY called Gramophones ?

t's easy to laugh but this was, and i don;t want to sound like a Typical Anally - retentive CLPGS pedant, just misleading NO mention of the European recording industry, NO mention of the UK recording industry and a garbled "history" of Victor - who was this programme intended to "inform" the Yanks ? they won;t be pleased will they playing their ""HMV" records made by Victor !

what i imagined happened is that they producers asked for a brief precis on the history of the Gramophone and got..............A 500 page Matrix number list with a history at the back produced at the CLPGS members' expense which some lowly functionary had to condense into 4 lines and so we ended up with the mess they broadcast

they did show a trademark machine but still stated they played at 78rpm, apparently in 1912 Edison made 78s ! i did laugh however when the "Bloke" sat next to a Bijou Library grand which "didn't have a horn to frighten the Ladies" and said was "used for public performances" isn't the clue in the title ? it's not for a Public performance but placed in a Library in a Private home !

we rapidly went on to jazz, radio & other "Modernities"

Was this worth it ? .................NO as usual the CLPGS Scum just wanted their odd faces & Voices on the Telly, pretending to be "academics" when they are, in fact just a bunch of shabby old record collectors desperate to look like interesting people and not losers - and as usual it backfired ! should the BBC be associating with a Society KNOWN to have covered up for Fraud in the Society & Paedophile activities by it's members ? who's members & corrupt Directors made False claims to The Police ? I think that more than one complaint to the BBC is due (and has been sent)

you can watch this rubbish here and decide for yourselves ... revolution

Whilst Florrie forde provides a Parody of the song chosen one verse seems apt for this programme and the Fools who helped make it !

"How d'ya Like to take me Down to Dover , take me on the Cliffs and Shove me over "

or watch Angela Lansbury sing it with a "Dick Van Dyke" accent ..............
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