SOLD ! to ..............Hong Kong

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SOLD ! to ..............Hong Kong

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:39 pm

What is it with Auctioneers ? in the past they seemed to get great amusement from mentioning the Winning Bidder's (MUG Stuck with junk) Name and making strange and unfunny "Jokes" BUT that was in the past mow they have an international Audience to delight in this internet age so by mentioning the Exotic locations of bids received they can look "international" as well ! (even if they're actually in some rainy city slum with fights over parking outside as the Backdrop

The same happened this morning - i looked in on Bamfords Auction to bid for some Violins - not for myself as one Violin looks JUST like another to me ! but for a friend - well i had NO chance but stayed on to to s wrecked model HMV 14 sell - no tone arm and in poor condition but with three winding handles i thought it might not sell - then i saw in intenet bid JUMP right in at the begining - i ran it to £190 suspecting a UK buyer or at least a CLPGS Buyer and lo and behold the winning bid was from HONG KONG - but who could that be ?

Could it be someone who ignored an E.Mail ? someone who bought a "collection "from a Bankrupt Crook who only avoided "Chokey" For fraud due to his wife Screwing a Freemason (For some years) then was dependant on he for money, who also has some odd plants "in the barn" and who was responsible for my Mother's Death ? someone who's children ar eto get a "fraternal "File on his business exploits and Ahem those of their mother ?

Could the buyer be a CLPGS member who i've made PAY many times now ?

Someone who believes LIES from TMF Admin & Girl Buggerer/Adulterer/"Suicidal" Steve ?

Sadly we'll never know will we but £190 + Comm + Shipping = Too Much !

Better luck next time !
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