Huke Collection on Ebay Luton ?

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Huke Collection on Ebay Luton ?

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:38 pm

This is most odd, as some will know Long - time collector Dennis Huke of Hemel Hempstead died last year he had bought some real old junk from the Bedford Crapophone Maker - at MEGA high prices , he had done the same with Gerry Madsen , buying Needle tins, Talking Dolls and all sorts of Fake Tango Twos, Phono - Cinemas and other "Toys" , when the Crapophone maker had run out of stuff they sold on "SOR" For "Ring Members "the Jones's" all sorts of other things, Picture discs at £60 each for instance ! then Den employed Mike to "Work on his computer" ...........soon after Den noticed odd things happening to his Online Bank account

After he died things turned up in Tring Market Auctions - badly described as usual (even though "Mistress" Judy doesn't work there anymore - Her Married Lover still does it seems) and they sold for a fraction of What Den had paid for them to "Mr Wiggy" now based in the West Country - fair enough it was a public Auction after all

THEN more of Den's machines turned up with "mr Wiggy" who seems to have bought the lot , he's having trouble selling them - again for far less than Den paid , if they receive a bid at all............

But now MORE have turned up - apparently being sold from a Vendor in "Luton" the Pathe machine i know well as I re - coned it for Den - twice as it was damaged when he took it to a Vintage Car Club Lecture , he paid under £100 for it and that's all it's worth, the New Vendor wants £ 275 they must be from another Planet ! ... EBIDX%3AIT

Then i saw another familiar machine - a "Regal " tabletop Den bought at Hemel market for £30 as no - one else wanted it for any money ! the interesting part with that advert is the picture - in the background can clearly be seen the Sankodo Machine Den owned on top of the Sesame record cabinet where Den re - built the Leather Bellows which create a sort of vacuum which stops the record cabinet falling forward too fast and on the other side the Large Cabinet machine - Kestraphone ? which beside the tonearm inside has a transfer saying it was "Fitted with a Garrard Motor" the only interesting thing about that machine which like the Regal is worthless ! ... 418b1a8243

SO , If "mr Wiggy" bought the lot why are these machines in "Luton" for sale at such odd prices ? were they given as freebies to pay off to the Bedford Crapophone Maker ? or are they being sold for Mr wiggy who seems to have trouble getting bids on items ? were the photos taken at the Bedford Crapophone Works ? if so why are some of the machines on a Billiards table - i can't believe they have one ! so were the photos taken in the West Country and location of "luton" bogus ? will Mr Wiggy ship the items up to Luton should they by some mistake sell ?

It looks very much like a Typical CLPGS CON to me !

Dennis spent between £200 - £250,000 on his "Collection " did his family get a probate valuation ? i do hope so but i'm sure it's not too difficult to find out is it ?
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