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CLPGS/TMF/EBAY a lovely profit making arrangement !

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:47 pm
by Gmemg
Isn't it helpful when one collector posts a link to a "rare" volume on a message board to inform other collectors who might want such a book and alert them to where they might find one - it's heartwarming that such co - operation exists .......................

Or is it ?

Not when CLPGS member Epicboreophone (He of the miserable wife and terminally boring information) who sees himself as a successor to Proudie posts a link to a NOT very rare and very boring book which mysteriously is being sold by a senior CLPGS member "Red Fruit Seller" - is Roger getting some sort of "Kickback " or bribe ? should he disclose an interest in this and a link to the Vendor ?

THEN we have this from "dulcetto"

There was a softback copy on UK ebay some months ago , maybe the one that epigramophone last saw , which there was fierce bidding for and I think it sold for GBP 40. This present one for sale according to the seller's description is a hardback copy. I believe the first edition was hardback and a second printing run was done in softcover. The CLPGS bookshop have sold out their stocks , so this is now a rare book to find. Fortunately I too have a copy in my library. I see the seller has many other gramophone and phonograph related books he/ she is selling. Regards from England Dulcetto

Saying less than £40 would be cheap - how luck he has one in his "library" (with all the other stuff looted from CLPGS members Next to the Piano sheet Music ? ) and he observes that :

I see the seller has many other gramophone and phonograph related books he/ she is selling

well, he would know as "Redfruitseller" is one of many aliases of "Ring" Member, CLPGS Dire - ector, Grass and "Runner" for "The Leading Dealer" (one of my Mother's Killers) better known as "Baldy Paul" AKA on the TMF as .................


someone not often seen in the Wolverhampton area nowadays (Since an unfortunate incident involving a Phonograph) but who often buys very cheaply at SAS auctions then immediately puts the items on ebay under one of his Ebay selling names (or his Daughter's) and trousers a fortune in profits !

What a lovely cosy arrangement and yet again Collectors are being deceived by the usual CLPGS Mafia - perhaps TMF Admin "Suicidal" Steve should INSIST When anyone draws attention to an Ebay item they should, if they have one declare an interest ? it would at least be fair to know the whole truth about these "Promotions" and who benefits from them

As "The Leading Dealer" is so often fond of saying :

"Does he pay Tax, Yis, Yis, Yis??????????"

IS that why he has so many Ebay names ?

(Thanks to all those who drew this to my attention but couldn't complain openly on the TMF For fear of being Barred and NO Oedipus is NOT Proudie ! )