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CLPGS "Co - operative Ass" Gramophone Shop ?

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:46 pm
by Gmemg
I found this recently and was astonished - i hadn't realised the CLPGS had a shop in Edinburgh then ! (Wasn't it illegal then - isn't that why the CLPGS & the EMG shop existed ? - ED ?)

If anyone to - day with a "Co - operative Ass" St Cuthbert or anyone else wishes to meet other like - minded Gay (and a very few sort of straight ) men then why not come along to :

Betrand Russel Room (Sic) of the Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq., London WC1R Tuesday Night

where after the boring lecture by an "industry Insider" (Oh Err.....Missus, have you been "insider" ? No, Please yerselves ) the fogies fall asleep and the "leading Dealer " & his "Domme" can show you their reproducers and get down to fundamentals