CLPGS Spot the difference Competition

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CLPGS Spot the difference Competition

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:45 pm

a "leading Dealer" Writes....................

Yis, Yis, Yis, as your new "guest" Editor (Yis - as on "Old Woman's Hour" this week) i present to you a very easy competiton - Yis, easy for any Pedant !!!!!!! (Just like the CLPGS Interviews at the John Snow Pub)

as seen on the BBC 's excellent programme "Antiques Roadshow" !!!!!!!

Here we have two apparently perfectly standard HMV 101's made at Hayes, all stand ard so far

BUT Can you spot the 3 differences that make one machine Non -standard and win a "Society Gold Star for the Terminally pedantic" Yis Yis Yis ?????

It's so tragically obvious i cannot beieve i'm asking this but there you are - the difference makes one worth £50 and the other £5,000 (to a pretentious twit i can con from the Society and when they die i can get back from his widow or Gay Friend - or like RT extend credit to then take his whole estate after they die )


Yis Yis Yis, it's simple but here's another photo to make it easier for you slow coaches at the back Yis Yis Yis !!!!


Well, ..................I'm Waiting Bleurrrrr

Yis Yis Yis, that's right - The Right hand one's lower motorboard screw has 23 TPI whilst the LH one's is 22.5 TPI !!!!!!

Plain as the nose on a red face i'd say !!!!!! all the more reason to buy from people who sell (in part ownership with "moles" dodgy Talkophones with replacement backbrackets & knocked off decoration ? - ED) Decent, simple machines for the simple minded

The other differences are that the LH one has the "Bournemouth Mole" patent Concealed Brake under the turntable and a Lid stay (Yis, Yis, Yis a Luxury extra in 1927 !

Yis Yis Yis as Kenneth Grahame Wrote and I cleverly adapted Yis Yis Yis :

"The Clever Men from (the Preceptory) at Oxford know all there is to be knowed but they never did know half as much as intelligent Leading Dealer Toad "

Last Week's Competition :

Was won by a Master A of Neasden (aged 12) who 's answer was :

On the 27th of june 1927 the Arse - o - phone company of Cheam put 12/6- into the "B" account at the branch of The City & Country bank at 11.23am whilst on the same day 13 months later Boreogram Ltd of Byatt Road Brummagam put £1.12s19d - into their account at the Brummagem Linen bank bringing their assets to preciseley £123.17/-

(edited from the 27 page answer to be printed in full in the "Over The Hill and Dale Newts" soon to the exclusion of everything else )

But as Thomas Gray put it in his poem "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College"

where ignorance is bliss,'Tis folly to be wise.

(It's Nice to know such "illustrious" folk (Shouldn't that be "known to the Police - Ed?) are reading us - another OSCAR i would say !
Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

My U - Tube Channel is :

Corruption in the CLPGS :
The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character .Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

"He has as much comedic talent as the Straight man on a Linguaphone record "
Si vis pacem, para bellum Der Morgige Tag Ist Mein

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