Satie - Gnossienne -1 - 6

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Satie - Gnossienne -1 - 6

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:22 pm

Years ago a friend - now sadly Dead. lent me a Video, he said :

"I don't lent this to everyone as it is disturbing and few people can "take" the messages within "

I was most concerned !

What was the film ?

"Being there"

I know many people who say it's a spooky film and they just don't "get it" but i liked it very much and thought it a very positive film (but maybe i'm missing something as usual) One thing i really enjoyed about it was the astonishing music, which i assumed was composed for it, and so some was but the one piece that touched me was somewhat elusive - no - one could tell me what it was called until an Old Girlfriend rang to - night and we chatted - it was on in the background !

It's "Gnossienne no 5 by Erik Satie"

She was astonished i liked it as in the time we were together my Musical taste was very strictly Baroque, Grand Opera, and "serious" Classical music (and Gilbert & Sullivan !) and i laughed at her "Modern" tosh record collection - but then my Taste in Art was, in those days toward the Old Masters and HIGH Victoriana - it isn't now ! but that's the Great thing about life - one's taste's change and mature, yes even in Girlfriends - or Widowed Ex - Girlfriends as she now is, would i be interested in her now ? ........Well !

Here it is - It inspires contemplation in me now that it couldn't have done 20 years ago ... q7yGlT6_kA
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