"Cellotone" graphite Needle

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"Cellotone" graphite Needle

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:45 pm

A Few months ago I bought a large collection of records & machines - sadly a great many of the records and a few of the machines had been stored in a very damp cellar - in fact i could only clear it after installing a de - humidifier for a week and emptying 11 buckets of water !

In a rusty filing cabinet i found a lot of original paperwork & ephemera all covered in mound & mildew -initially i thought of just destroying the lot but fortunately remembered a paper conservator and she bravely took on the job of cleaning & saving as much a spossible

This is the first item to be returned and although fragile it's legible

The Cellotone Graphite needle ! - yes it's made of graphite and !Plays !,000 records " Really ? - i've been down to my local stationers to buy VVHB Graphite pencils and will be experimenting soon !


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