Unusual Large Motor No 1

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Unusual Large Motor No 1

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:28 pm

This is the first of an occasional series requested by several people i've spoken to recently - one said to me :

"what's the largest motor you've ever seen ? "

and another said:

"All gramophone motors are the same aren't they ?"

The first question caused some thought whilst the second was rather silly - ALL Gramophone motors do the same job but the variety of ways they do it and the way they are powered are quite different ! so here's the first of the many motors i have which are of interest.

When you think about it in the early 1920's very few Gramophones had anything other than double spring motors - some VERY Large it has to be said but mostly they were 2 X 1" Springs - some like the Monarch Motors are Triple Sprung and certainly Columbia machines had Triple springs as well but not too many Swiss or Continental motor s are more than that and even later the Garrard No 1 , 1a and even the "Super " motor are all 2 spring and it's only until the HMV no 34 motor was introduced do any machines get a 4 Spring

This is 4 spring and works very well and on a Bench test to - day ran at 78rpm for 40 minutes at full wind and that's unrestored ! i think this one may be American but i have seen one fitted into an Aeolian Vocalion de Luxe cabinet machine so that may have been specially ordered and fitted .

The Motor from the top - the casting is solid but there's a curious bracket bolted onto the LH Side !


The Bracket bolts on to allow this motor to go from , i assume a 3 spring Motor to a 4 but presumably they could add as many as they liked with the right bracket - it reminds me of the Columbia "Rail " System where the end block slides along rails to accomodate different numbers of springs


The Motor from Underneath - very simple and with the minimum metal

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