a Tale of 2 Garrrard No 20's

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a Tale of 2 Garrrard No 20's

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:28 pm

I've often said there's a "sods LAw" of collecting and this was proven today when repairing a motor for a friend who wanted to use his portable gramophone at Xmas - there's not long to go and his had got a broken spring - actually it happened in the Summer but he had forgotten and now it's far to late (and in this case ) too expensive to buy a new spring for a garrard No 20 (Approx £350

He asked if i could help and i took one look at the motorboard with the turntable removed and say it was a Garrard no 20 - one of the most commonly used motors in the late 1920's for all types of portables of almost any quality so i thought i must have a few spare ones so went to look ....................

ALL the ones i found needed work and crucially also needed new springs ! i found a derelict Decca portable and although the speed control was different the holes were in the right place and LO it was a Garrard No 20 and it worked so i got out my screwdriver and set to work ONLY to find that although it was undoubtedly a Garrard no 20 It wad been made for Decca and the winder is at an agle to the motor !

I solved this by just switching the spring barrels, i can only assume Decca ordered a batch of these for their models not only with Decca Cast in but also with this different winding arrangement - tooling up must have been expensive !

but here they are

The Top Plates are identical as are the works ........


But the winder is crucially at another angle

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