The Horror of Some Continental Motors

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The Horror of Some Continental Motors

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:27 pm

Most UK Gramophone motors are of decent quality - they were made by companies which used decent quality materials and logical operations and although occasionally they made some real rubbish , underpowered motors & heavy tonearms (that was just HMV) BUT on the Continent after the Great War they weren't so sensible , they cut corners and used the dreaded Pot - metal for vital parts - they weren't alone as a lot of US motors follow the same pattern.

Here's one such motor, I decided to - day to re - grease the motor in"the Squire's" Chinoiserie Vox Gramophone - i had cleaned the case but the motor was behaving rather oddly, it's a double spring motor but occasionally the second spring seemed to be slipping .

I took the motor out and noticed to my Horror that the governor weights were BLOCKS of pot - metal ! (The Horror, The Horror) and they had numerous cracks in them ! i then did the only thing in the circumstances as replacement isn't an option as finding a set of weights which would work would be near impossible so i soaked each weight in suoerglue until they were all solid and there was a remote possibility of them shattering in use.

I then took the motor apart and found the second spring wasn't broken but the rivet which held the end had been chipped by the spring being stretched so had to drill it out and put a bolt in to hold the end - i then re - greased the springs and re - assembled - i then noticed the greater horror

The Crownwheel had a chipped tooth and was of some kind of cast metal - i',m sure NOT pot metal but it and winding tapering gear were made from the same stuff and it's a worry and well worth handling ANY continental Motor with great care

"The Squire " has a GIANT Continental motor with 2 X 2" wide springs with the same cast metal barrels which under the tension of such massive springs have become greatly distorted - THAT's Areal Worry !

Here's the Grubu no 10 Motor


The Pot Metal Governor Weights


The Crown Wheel & Springs

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