Variations in HMV 32 Motors

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Variations in HMV 32 Motors

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:51 pm

I thought for many years that No 32 motors - whether Victor, HMV or Continental HMV were all the same - "why should they be different ?" i thought "they all come from Victor in America or are based on their patents so they must be the same "

The one day i had a french "Voix de som Maitre" cabinet machine - nothing special but it had an HMV 32 motor , the spring was broken so instead of re - dpringing i decided to change the barrel with a spare - it wouldn't fit !

The barrels were different sizes and the cast frame was different as well as the bolt fittings being in slightly diffferent places !

Here's Proof ;

I recently bought a large collection of records recently and had to take - the mostly poor condition - machines as well, some were so poor i burned them as they were beyond any economic repair or restoration BUT i did save the fittings & motors one of the machines was a small orthophonic Victrola - actually a Canadian Retailed machine - here's the plaque from it


Here's the motor on the Left - the casting is different, the Barrel has a strange ridge and the springs are held in place by two large bolts


even the winding arrangements are different

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