Grease is the word - on the outside ?

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Grease is the word - on the outside ?

Post by Gmemg » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:33 pm

I've mentioned several times on here and no doubt many times to collectors that i've seen motors where some strange "restorer" has , for reasons unknown to me (or Science) Greased the outside of the spring barrels - i'm sure people don;t believe me when i tell them as , like me they wouldn't be so stupid - what does greasing the outside of a spring barrel actually achieve ? are spring barrels absorbent ? i certainly haven't noticed any such !

Oddly Englaphone motors have slots in the outside of the aluminium spring barrels who's only purpose seems to be to let all the grease out and that's odd enough but to grease the outside of a spring barrel seems very odd - i don't think it does any harm but certainly does no good and the barrels don't interact with any other part of the motor !

Anyway - to - day i went to see a very rare Gramophone in Somerset (I bought it !) and saw this machine at the same home and when the owner & i looked at the Motor i saw it had been greased - BUT only on one barrel !

here's the photo i took

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