Unusual Large Motor No 2 Thorens T 120

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Unusual Large Motor No 2 Thorens T 120

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:29 pm

The title of this motor makes it sound like some kind of tank and really it is some kind of Massive Mechanical monster !

This motor lives in quite a Grand Cabinet gramophone of unknown make made C 1914 i suppose - it's High Quality Cabinet work includes drawers for records - an Unusual thing in itself for those days and good quality but just off the shelf Swiss fittings

The first picture shows the Motor compared with the standard Swiss 2 spring motor of the same period - in fact the one more or less copied by Garrard for their Garrard no 1 / 1a range in that it has a casting for the top and a metal plate for the bottom - you can usually spot these motors when taking a turntable off by the fact that the Bottom RH motor bolt is offset and that's what i thought i had here when i fist saw it - the motorboard this is fitted to is hinged to show off the motor and presumably that's why it's nickel Plated


Here are the Motors side by Side - the Thorens is massive again double sprung but 1 3/4" wide and a much larger barrel


Here they are again showing how large the thorens is (approx 5" high and 8" long ) BUT the fact is that it's more or less identical to the smaller Swiss motor


Underneath - showing the much larger spring barrel and also the almost identical construction

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