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Xmas Cards - Sung by Jack Juster Unison record

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:38 pm
by Gmemg
The record companies then and now were cynical old Twits who thought nothign of making truly abysmal Xmas novelty records to flog to sentimental old twits at Xmas time !

here's one such a Unison record Of "jack Juster" Very sensibly a quite good singer hiding behind the psued to avoid assassination by Music Lovers singing

Xmas Cards - the story of a trusting old Fart who left his door open only to get NO Xmas cards from the Postie who came in just to get a Prezzo ! (a Little Present -i'm pleased to say) then his Son appears (in VERY Victorian fashion)

then Xmas Bells - some Rural Twits reminiscing about bell ringing - it could well be a "lost" Xmas episode of "The Archers"