EMG & G & T items Selling at "Ring" Gardiner Houlgate Auction

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EMG & G & T items Selling at "Ring" Gardiner Houlgate Auction

Post by Gmemg » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:12 am

Astonishingly a number of Interesting gramophonic items are to be sold at the Notorious "ring" Auction Gardiner Houlgate to - morrow ! it's not surprising that the Vendors didn't want these items in a Proudie Auction where all sorts of strange things happen - at Christie's an "interested party" was able to Buy the Magnophone for EXACTLY what he had in cash as :

"Proudie Brought the hammer down before the 'phones could react" *

so they put the items in Gardiner Houlgate Notorious for a "Ring "Operation where they bought an HMV 203 for ..................£1500 ! then according to "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin :

"they were all at the next NVCF event where i spoke to The Jones first - they offered me the 203 , then i spoke to Wiggy and then to the "leading Dealer" and needless ot say they all came up with different prices with the "leading Dealer" being by far the most expensive and the Jones' as the cheapest"

funny how collecting works in the UK isn't it !

interesting stuff in the Auction though

https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auct ... lse&page=2

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