Why are so many selling up now ?

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Why are so many selling up now ?

Post by Gmemg » Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:35 am

I started noticing some years ago that collectors began selling off their collections - i don't mean the Old CLPGS Farts who peg it and then the "Directors" flog off what they haven't looted in crummy provincial Auctions or what "the Leading Dealer" and others refer to as


a term which Basically means the sort of "collectors" who buy a few nondescript dull machines in local "antiques" fairs and then spend hours in the shed making them so shiny you can see your face in the tonearm and the inside of the lid who have to sell when their dumped in an Old CLPGS Member's home (Donerestorin'? - ED) in some depressing West Country Town

No i mean the GIANTS the people who KNOW what their talking about, KNOW What they want, PAY whatever it takes and spend many years doing so year in and year out buying at Auction, buying from collections, buying from dealers and assembling definitive collections which are world class in their quality and range. Those people in the past would have donated their collections to National institutions* but alas now that philanthropic streak is very rare indeed and not altogether surprising as Museums often treat collections in a rather shabby way , displaying proudly when first accepted but as soon as some new artistic director comes along they sweep the lot into storage and often forget about it until it decays or is "deaccessioned" (Trans : flogged) to pay for more transient and "Visitor friendly" attractions

So now Collectors seem to want to sell of in their lifetime to recoup hopefully with a profit their "investment" for there's no doubt about it most collectors now do not collect for the beauty or the Historic or academic value they do it as some sort of investment and that's not just talking machines i've known lots of collectors of all sorts of things, Dinky toys, Advertising, Books, Stamps in fact the modern "Antiques" world is based on such collections which 50 years ago would have been unthinkable ! these collectors regard the items they collect as assets t, they keep up with prices and buy the latest "price Guides" and subscribe to Auction results and indeed they are a sort of untaxed Investment as often they are a way of spending undeclared income - i know several builders with formidable collections built with "cash in hand" money which cannot go through a bank but they can see on their walls and in their display cabinets

SO there comes a time when these collections are sold for no doubt one of many many reasons and what happens then ? the samll people find that their Columbia tabletop isn't worth the £120 they paid for it in 1988 and they end up with a cheque from an Auction house after charges & comm for £23 (if their lucky) but for the big people they can expect better things - can't they ?

Well maybe or maybe not (As Pt Frazer would say) some years ago the Ball collection of Pot lids was sold - he was one of the TOP and FIRST Collectors of such things often digging them up himself or getting them from those who did and then having published the definitive book (which as usual turned out not to be when published - not his fault it's what happens) so when the collection came up for sale it made a FORTUNE collectors stuffed their pockets and collections with pot lids and were delighted.........................but then the market crashed ! all those who had lusted after such things had got them and when you've got one why buy another and the underbidders at the sale found they could buy from other sources much cheaper and as far as i know the market hasn't recovered ! it's a sobering lesson INVESTMENTS GO DOWN AS WELL AS UP

Collectors in the past often bought what they could , damaged or incomplete and made them good but now the modern "serious" collector will only pay BIG money of they can get VALUE for it (it's the only way the Rich stay Rich ) and unless an item is genuinely Unique will they even consider it if it's damaged or restored and as for items such as the "style No 4 " bought from the Leading Dealer by "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin for £2200 will, like me they'll just laugh at the Barry Williamson fake horn !

I wonder now if there really are too many people who want to buy a Tinfoil phonograph ? or a Lioret machine ? Trademarks seem to sell but how many have CLPGS Mike "faker" Field Fibre gears which they "Should use too often" as with the Penn - a - Phone ? or will they end up like the vendor of the Lioret Machine on UK Ebay stuck listing it eternally hoping for someone to place a bid at the insurance valuation they seem to want ? or should they do as the EMG Guru did sell "His Collection" (actually an assemblage of stuff he got for free or nearly so) to one gullible buyer whilst flogging off the "plum" items to others beforehand ?

So if the top end of the market is hard to sell and as we know the bottom end of the market is more or less worthless what can anyone with a lot of money in stuff do with it ?

Open a Pub/Museum like the Chunnsori "the largest collection in the World" ? perhaps

I just don't know - i enjoy the machines & records i have i don't know how much they cost me and don't know what they're "worth" i don't , apart form a couple of items, Insure them as i couldn't easily replace them and probably wouldn't if they were lost in some way and oddly enough i think that's the right & rational attitude - well, it works for me

But they didn't collect Machine made rubbish such as Gramophones or phonographs - i wonder how many of my readers will have heard of Lady Charlotte Schreiber ? If you go to the top floor of the V & A You will see part of the The collection of Porcelain from Lady Charlotte's magnificent collection
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