Gramophones& Phonographs at Hansons TODAY !

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Gramophones& Phonographs at Hansons TODAY !

Post by Gmemg » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:47 am

Amazingly after the last "effort" which saw a large collection of portable gramophones in lots with such exiting descriptions as "black Box" or "Brown Box" Picnic Box" Hansons auctions have managed to secure a "collection" (i use the term rather loosely) of Phonographs and Gramophones - don't all rush at once though as they are a very mixed lot indeed !

Most of the Horn machines seem to be either incomplete or "mucked about with" a lot of the phonographs appear to have been dragged out of a shed and then through several hedges backwards and would need considerable work to get them even running - but HEY when did that ever affect the interest or the Price to a UK buyer !

"Fine condition" "Original varnish" "Working condition" "Original Parts"

Are descriptions most UK "collectors" would neither recognise or be interested in ! (Or could spell !) No for most of the UK phonograph twits making new parts and re - finishing IS the whole interest as "Suicidal" Steve TMF Admin once said to me :

"All they want to do is make a phonograph around one original screw"

it's so true and so the "usual Suspects" have been seen viewing - Yes a :

"tall Bald character with a tatty leather Jacket" could it be Ring Wraith* (Dulcetto perhaps ? in hiding after the Great Jake rip off ?)

a "White haired smartly dressed chap " (Looking for one "for his own collection " Perhaps ?)

" another character with "a Northern Accent " (Can't be "oor ken could it ? and so far from home )

Oh and "sandilands Man" himself but not ME , alas i have work of "national Unimportance Here at The Ministry and frakly , i couldn't be bothered

A Right Old Goon show - and i don't just mean the machines ! a quote form an antique dealer i know regularly views Hanson's Auctions and has to sit through the pantomime from the Auctioneer (beloved of Old Grannies and sad Viewers of The Television) was :

"You might make one good one from all this lot "

Which was a bit jaundiced but he may be right, and after all assorted "bitsa" machines are usually just the ticket for the woeful NVCF events aren't they !

the gramophones start after lot 4000 i think ...........i don't really care !

* "Ring Wraiths" are those characters corrupted by "the One Ring" who do the Ring Master's Bidding (literally) and rush up and down the roads of the UK Viewing, informing and putting off the opposition (or just switching lot numbers ) so The Ring can buy cheap without being seen ! Known Ring Wraiths are :

Peter H - J , "Camp" or "Dirty" Barry (gramos 24) , Dulcetto, Radio Reg, The Dear Chap (EMG Gold Medalist)
Estott : "An Ancient Half - Mad Uncle "

My U - Tube Channel is :

Corruption in the CLPGS :
The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character .Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Worship without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

Money. Greed. Naivety. Falsehoods. Exploitation. Welcome to the wonderful world of gramophones!

"He has as much comedic talent as the Straight man on a Linguaphone record "
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