"The Squire" rambles on about very unusual Garrard Motors 21 & 24

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"The Squire" rambles on about very unusual Garrard Motors 21 & 24

Post by Gmemg » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:29 pm

This is a Video "the Squire " And I made a few days ago - we mentioned in a former video some gramophone & accessory catalogues which had some motors in which we hadn't seen THEN "the Squire" actually managed to buy a very nice portable with a Garrard No 21 in it and found a Garrard no 24 3 Speed Spring motor - both very unusual motors

The Garrard no 24 actually a fitting on the speed control which means that it has pre - set speed positions for 78/33/45 which must mean that it was designed to be used in a portable machine with a pickup and battery operated sound system so it's probably the very last spring motor for any talking machine and made in the 1950's when batterys were large , heavy and short lived and a motor would drain them too quickly to be of use

here'ts the Video

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