Black Music in Europe - Radio 4 series

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Black Music in Europe - Radio 4 series

Post by Gmemg » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:09 pm

Another series on radio 4 about Gramophone recordings ? i hear you Cry - do we REALLY Need such a thing after the Pathetic , tired and inaccurate offerings of recent years ?

Well, in this case yes - This was a great opening episode of what is to be a sadly short series , i did hear from some people with misgivings about this - could be yet another example of BBC pandering to Minorities ? could it be just a sort of advert for the 44cd set released ( i think) last year ?

Actually NO - this is a great opportunity to widen interest in a Great Historical and greatly under - recognised subject and couldn't be an advert for the CD set as the set was limited to 500 copies all of which have now been sold - i knew it would be good when i failed to hear any Pompous rubbish from ANY CLPGS twits ! we heard from Herr Doktor Professor Rainer Lotz - the GREAT (and rather too modest) name in record research who KNOWS his stuff and that's why the cds are such a contribution to recording History and this programme so worth while - he was wonderful to listen to - he mentioned his horror of thos who misfile his records much to my amusement

And although i hadn't heard of the presenter It was wonderful to hear about Pete Hampton a rare cylinder of which was played (actually i an alternate take of the Nicole record heard on the CD Set of "Won't you come home Bill bailey ") and the "African pygmies" who recorded some speech but were in fact swearing in their native language ! there was NO technical nonsense just a good plain programme for those who don;t want anything too academic but ideal for those who know little of the subject but now can go and find out more.

Alas the same cannot be said of the later broadcast repeat of the Woeful "His Master's Voices" which i can only assume was broadcast again due to the BBC Mafia influence on these things which cannot have a good programme broadcast without an abysmal one later - i'm sure we can all recall the programme presented by a Woman who knew nothing and "Tristram "Tris" Penna - yes He of the Penna - Phone of late unhappy memory - i wonder if he still plays that horrible half fake machine "repaired" by Mike "faker" Field who told the much respected Ken Priestley "Don't use it often" as the fibre gear he replaced was so poorly made !

As i say "Black Music in europe - A Hidden History" is here and well worth hearing :

Here's My Review of that abysmal CLPGS waste of time

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=95&p=108&hilit=his+ ... oices#p108
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